Stiff neck or neck pain or stiffness most caused by muscle spasms resulting from too long sitting or sleeping in an uncomfortable position or perform an awkward movement or exercise.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Although symptoms are uncomfortable, usually get better within 48 hours without medical treatment. If pain or rigidity and continued to go on or get worse, see your doctor.

Common Causes Of Neck Pain Or Stiff Neck

  • If neck pain after a jerking motion, then the probable cause is an injury to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the neck or. In most cases, can resolve themselves. Rest the neck as much as possible with the lie that the neck muscles do not carry the weight of your head, and drink free medicine for pain relief if needed. If symptoms do not improve within 24 hours, see your doctor, who may recommend you wear a soft neck crutch.
  • If neck pain after a jerking motion and accompanied by one of the danger signs. If you experience neck pain or just hit bump in the neck, and have problems with bowel or bladder control. Although rare, this can be caused by injury / damage in the spinal cord. Danger! Immediately brought to the hospital right now! Try not to move until medical help came.
    • Action. At the hospital you will undergo X-rays and CT-scans, to find the place and scope of the damage. In some cases, surgery to repair the fracture may be required.
  • If your stiff neck is accompanied by one of the following symptoms:
    • Severe headache
    • Fever
    • Do not like the bright light
    • Drowsiness and or dazed
    • There is a flat red spots that do not disappear when pressed

Danger! Take it to the hospital right now! Possible causes are meningitis, an inflammation of the lining of the brain wrapper, due to infection.

Action. If meningitis is suspected, you will be immediately referred to the hospital for emergency treatment with antibiotics and may require intensive care.

  • If you wake up with a stiff neck and sore, then you have probable cause torticollis (neck tilt), the muscles on one side of the neck to contract, causing pain and stiffness,. Although ill, this condition is harmless.

Action. Take nonprescription medicines for pain relief and rest the neck as possible by lying that the neck muscles do not support the weight of your head. Torticollis usually improves within 24-48 hours without any medical treatment. If not improved within 24 hours, consult a doctor, who may prescribe a crutch padded collar to be worn until the symptoms disappear.

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