What is Nucleoplasty Procedure?

Nucleoplasty procedure Singapore is an alternative treatment for treating herniated disc in lumbar area and cervical area if the conservative treatments failed. Lumbar Nucleoplasty and Cervical Nucleoplasty. Nucleoplasty procedure is considered as a minimally invasive procedure as it is done through a small incision, faster recovery and lower risks of complication compared to a traditional surgery. Nucleoplasty procedure is conducted by our neurosurgeon, Dr Mathew Tung using state-of-the-art technology and image guidance.

Why Nucleoplasty procedure is recommended?

According to our neurosurgeon, Dr Mathew Tung, Nucleoplasty procedure is the solution for treating herniated disc as involves relieving pressure on the affected nerve by removing the tissue from the disc.

How Nucleoplasty procedure is performed?

Before discectomy or nucleoplasty is done, the patient with herniated disc is evaluated first.  The evaluation generally includes blood tests, physical examination and directed history. It also involves imaging study to corroborate the findings and in preparation for the treatment.

During the procedure, the patient will be given a sedative and local anaesthesia to help him relax and to ensure a pain-free nucleoplasty. Guided by live images, Dr Mathew Tung will insert a needle into the area where there’s disc profusion. A catheter will then be inserted into the same spot. After this, Dr Mathew Tung will remove the tissue to relieve the pressure on the disc and the affected nerve. For this, the specialist will use either heat or radio waves. Generally, it takes about an hour to perform the whole procedure. The procedure has 80% success rate and the patients, in most cases, experience pain relief.

Cervical Nucleoplasty Procedure Singapore

Lumbar Nucleoplasty Procedure SingaporeWhat to expect after Nucleoplasty procedure?

After the nucleoplasty procedure, the patient will be kept for several hours for proper observation before discharging the patient.  It is normal for some patient to experience some pain where the needle was inserted and weakness after nucleoplasty procedure. Before discharging the patient, Dr Mathew Tung will instruct the patient on what to do. There are certain activities and instructions that the patient need to do and follow in order to re-establish his health and to live a pain-free life.

Generally, a patient will be able to go home odn the same day. In most cases, symptoms caused by the disc herniation are gone or diminished within two weeks.  After about one week, patients are allowed to return to their everyday life with some physical activity. Dr Mathew Tung will normally review the patient after one week after the procedure.

Who is suitable for Nucleoplasty Procedure?

The best candidates for nucleoplasty procedure are those with debilitation and chronic pain due to disc profusion or herniated disc. The pain is categorized as chronic when it lasts for at least six weeks. These patients, men or women, often cannot perform certain activities like walking due to the pain and limited mobility. The procedure is not commonly availed of as the first option. Nucleoplasty, normally, is performed when traditional or conservative treatments like back brace, bed rest or medications have failed.

For a comprehensive consultation to decide if the Nucleoplasty procedure treatment is best suited for your health, contact us at 64762106 for an appointment with our spine specialist, Dr Mathew Tung. Dr Mathew Tung has more than 25 years experience.









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