Back Pain? Obesity people are more vulnerable to Back Pain?

Obesity and Back Pain

Obesity and Back Pain

Men and women with excess weight are more prone to suffer from lower back pain or so-called low back pain. Accumulation of fat in the stomach will make it work in supporting the body’s spine.

The person’s weight increases the risk of low back pain. Accumulate fat in the stomach tends to make your posture leaning forward and back easily get injured.

A person who is obese means it will add to the burden of the spine. In fact, like a milestone spinal cords supported. When the rope is stronger then the poles will not collapse. Strap supporting the spine is called the body’s core muscles or core muscle.

In men, the risk of experiencing pain to lower back is greater. Men are more at risk because they generally do heavier work and activities. In general, men use more muscles to work. Also there are jobs that men do is done while sitting as a driver.

Low back pain due to the influence of weight and activity can overcome with regular light exercise every day. Also set up and familiarize yourself with lots of standing rather than sitting. When in sitting position, a person should sit in ideal posture that will also help in the back pain.

If the back pain due to age and genes, we can not avoid. But if the back pain cause by weight issue, then can be avoided by losing weight first and balance our activities by sitting lesser and stand more.

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