Osteoarthritis Treatment? Have you ever seen a middle-aged woman with a rather plump stature walked with a bit stumped by the body at the waist to head swung horizontally to the left-right rhythm of his feet while the hip down to the leg seemed to swing toward the opposite? Believe me, he’s not acting to get attention, but his reflex system is working to avoid the pain in the knees, waist and sometimes also in the ankle / heel. Usually one or both knees also pain and swelling, loin pain radiating to the lower limbs. Women like the one I described above are afflicted poor due to osteoarthritis and is avoiding the pain arising from the activities running.

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The term always refers to osteoarthritis is degenerative joint damage which the joint space disappears because of cartilage that acts as a “mounting” [silencer] degenerated and thinned even gone so the ends of each bone directly meet and collide causing infection / inflammation characterized by swelling . Of course, the situation was “lost” this cartilage resulted in “Letting” connective tissue forming the joints so that the condition is also characterized by the loosening of joints.

Convergence of the two ends of the bone directly without “mounting” a joint system, a biomechanical will rub against each other when the limb is being carrying out its functions and friction harder when there are loads especially with a heavy load. This event also triggers inflammation, which in turn will form / grow new bone with a surface that is not flat / serrated which will add to the suffering because it was so painful. Events growth of new bone is actually a normal and natural process, where there is injury, there body tries to recover itself. Abnormal is the location / area is unusual, so since the injury at the end of the bone so new bone formation occurred there, if any injury / broken / cracked elsewhere then that is where your body system will work the same way, because the system of our body / bone continuously and constantly in a state building / remodeling, ie a situation in which osteoblasts form bone matrix membranes continuously in the bone marrow and transporting active ingredients across the membrane to initiate calcification in the area needed to build new bone. It’s called by many as the calcification / osteophytes.

Due to growing irregular and rough, but the joints are then surely there will be appropriate levels of pain severity. If the response is silence joint pain is concerned almost no motion, then the process of degeneration faster rate so that the joints seemed to be full, and steadfastly stuck again [which generally occurs in small joints] and even memorable stiff, and likewise occurring in the connective tissue of his being as contractures / not elastic anymore. When forced to be moved instead there will be tremendous pain.

In essence, all the joints of this disease, but potentially the highest is the knee, lower back, neck, fingers. Factors other than age influence behavior, trauma and genetic. When being attacked by this disease together when uric-acid/asam veins are high the more it will be complete disabling affliction.

Why women are more likely to develop osteoarthritis?

Although it does not discriminate against gender, but why women are more likely to develop this disease? Because naturally menopausal women experience a process which is slowly hormone estrogen [which helps the joints remain elastic and slippery] stopped production so that these conditions will accelerate the process of damage joints. Apart from all that the highest age factor contributing role for these pathological conditions in addition to other factors.

While in the age of forty and above are used to weight balanced and regular exercise rhythmically without the burden or expense of a full-range minimal-movement at each joint plus isometric movement is believed to help joint flexibility in carrying out its functions without pain so as to avoid this disease.

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