Osteoarthritis (OA) is the state seal joints are elastic tissue / cartilage that lines the ends of bones joints degenerates, depleted or even exhausted, so the movement joints will be very painful, because it meets the bone between the base no longer backing.

Osteo arthritis is usually felt in the joints that support the weight of the body, namely the hip and knee. Moderate damage bulkhead between the vertebra of the spine, called spondilis arthritis, or other appropriate designation condition, but is basically the same as OA.



Who Is At Risk For Osteoarthritis?

  1. Men / women who are overweight (obese), and women after menopause, are at increased risk of osteoarthritis. Obesity, will cause injury to the insulation joints in the knees, hips and knees, because every moment will receive more strain on joints that.
  2. Those who exercise with a weight load that mainly rests on the knee, such as weight lifting exercise / weight lifter, sprinter / sprint short distances. Especially if you see any change in shape in the legs become like the letter O, since this resulted in loading on bone uneven. Sports sprint / sprint, giving excessive weight to the heel and knee, because of the running, there are floating, and when one foot on the ground, the burden would be excessive joints, depending on running speed. The faster the running, the pressure on the knee will be even greater, could be 2 even 4 times body weight. In contrast to the leg, knee maximum load weight of the body, because there is no time lost, and alternating feet tread the ground. Therefore, to maintain bone health, especially for those who suffer from osteoporosis detected / bone loss, running should be avoided, and it is best way because it gives the activities of bone loading exercise will be greater than body weight.
  3. People with certain structural abnormalities, such as one leg shorter than the other, misaligned knees and flat feet, tend to be more affected by knee problems.

Some Options To Overcome Osteoarthritis:

  • One more suggestion to address OA doctor who actually an absolute condition, namely: reduce weight up to a normal ideal. Doctors advice is hard to do for some people, because it means lifestyle changes .. Daily exercise is good enough to bike or regular bike, but should avoid roads that climb, so the burden is not excessive pedal.
  • Take supplements like glucosamine, 1500mg daily to prevent worsening of the current problem
  • Lubricant Injection
  • Arthroscopy or wash out
  • Joint Replacement

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