What is Bunionectomy Surgery?

Bunionectomy surgery is a surgery to remove a BUNION and to realign the big toe joint in order to relieve the symptoms, correct deformity and restore function.
Mild bunion
Severe Bunion

How is Bunionectomy – Surgery to remove bunion Singapore performed?

Our foot specialist Singapore will do the surgery to remove the bunion Singapore depend on the severity of the bunion itself.

Surgery to remove Mild Bunion Singapore

The bone is cut close to the big toe joint and shifted over into a correct position.  The cut bone is held in placed with one or two surgical screws. With this procedure, just the top of the bone is moved over and the bottom of the bone remains in the same place.

The cut bone should only be moved over a distance equal to half the width of the bone. In some the bone may be moved over further.

Surgery to remove large bunion Singapore

Removing any prominent bone (the bump) on the inside of the foot

Releasing a tight tendon that pulls the big toe outward toward the 2nd toe

Resecting a joint in the mid foot – needed to realign the 1st metatarsal in proper position. This is non-essential joint of the mid foot. Done at the base (bottom) of the 1st metatarsal.

Additionally, the repositioned bone is held in place with one or two surgical screws.

What to expect after Bunionectomy

In Singapore Sports clinic, the prognosis of bunionectomy is good.

On average, bone healing will take 6 weeks for bone to mend.

A period of rehabilitation may be recommended.

Off from full activities or shoe gear for weeks

Full recovery from bunion surgery may take about 3 to 6 months.

Bunionectomy surgery

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