What is Laceration Wound (Wound Repair)?

A laceration is a wound that occurs when skin, tissue, and/or muscle is torn or cut open. Lacerations may be deep or shallow, long or short, and wide or narrow. Most lacerations are the result of the skin hitting an object, or an object hitting the skin with force. Laceration repair is the act of cleaning, preparing, and closing the wound.

Common Parts of Body Involved

Lacerations can occur on any part of the body. Here are common areas for lacerations: Scalp, face, ears, neck, Torso, Legs, arms, Hands, feet

Why Laceration of Wound need to be repaired?

Minor lacerations (shallow, small, not bleeding, and clean) may not require medical attention. Antibiotic ointment and a bandage may be all that is needed. However, most lacerations do require repair.

Reasons for seeking medical attention include the following: Muscle, fat, tendon, or bone is exposed. Dirt and debris can be seen in the wound. Bleeding continues after applying direct pressure for 10-15 minutes. Edges of the wound are jagged or uneven. Wound is more than 1/8 to 1/4 inch deep. Edges of the wound cannot easily be moved together or aligned. The wound is located at an area of high stress (joints, hands, feet, chest). Decrease risk of unsightly scarring.

Treatment for Wound Laceration

The treatment depends on the type, cause, and depth of the wound as well as whether other structure beyond the skin are involved. Treatment of recent lacerations involves examination, cleaning, and closing the wound. If the laceration occurred some time ago it may be allowed to heal by secondary intention due to the high rate of infection with immediate closure. Minor wounds like bruises will heal on their own with skin discoloration usually disappears in 1–2 weeks. Abrasions which are wounds with intact skin usually require no active treatment except keeping the area clean with soap and water. Puncture wounds may be prone to infection depending on the depth of penetration. The entry of puncture wound is left open to allow for bacteria or debris to be removed from inside.

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