If you are suffering from knee injuries and the type you’ll know it’s difficult and frustrating it can be. Knee plays a key role in helping support and distribute your body weight, so that the injury caused a lot of trouble.

As humans we are always on our feet which makes it difficult for a knee injury to heal. We always walking, bending, twisting and putting pressure on our knees.

The patella is a small flat triangular bone in front of the knee relied upon to protect the knee joint. The patella is an area that is easy to injure the knee because it is used all the time to distribute your weight.

Patella injury can be very difficult to heal and can sometimes cause your knees to shift to one side that can leave you in serious pain and discomfort.

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How To Tell If You Have A Patella Injury?

It can be difficult to know if you’ve injured your patella. Signs generally feeling sick pain in your knee and you may find it difficult to move properly. Another common sign of popping or grinding can be a feeling in the knee joint with a problem when trying to bend or straighten the knee joint.

Another common problem associated with patella injury is pain when sitting for a long time and often when walking down the stairs. The pain is not commonly associated with walking up the stairs because of the mechanism of the knee and the greater amount of pressure on the knee while climbing down the stairs.

If you know you are prone to knee trouble as arthritis then this can quickly develop into the condition of the patella. There are many forms of support available to those who suffer from conditions such as knee braces and bandages.

Types Patellar Injury

Runners knee is a very common injury to the patella – or Chondromalacia patellae to give a medical name. Runners Knee is basically caused by over-use of the knee joint. This occurs when the articular cartilage surface of the shell below the knee becomes irritated.

Knee housekeeper – or Prepatellar Bursitis occurs from prolonged periods of kneeling. This is common with people who kneel for long periods of time as a gardener and a carpet layer.

unstable kneecap – or Pattellar dislocation / subluxation is a painful condition of the knee joint. This condition occurs when the patella does not track evenly in the groove on the femur and could become dislodged.

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