What is Sciatica? Sciatica is pain resulting from irritation of the sciatic nerve. The pain of sciatica is naturally felt from the low back to behind the thigh and radiating down to below the knee. Looking for sciatica treatment specialist clinic?

Sciatica Treatment Specialist Clinic


What Are The Symptoms of Sciatica?

Pain. It’s especially likely to occur along a path from your low back to your buttock and the back of your thigh and calf.

Numbness or muscle weakness along the nerve pathway in your leg or foot. In some cases, you may have pain in one part of your leg and numbness in another.

Tingling or a pins-and-needles feeling, often in your toes or part of your foot.

A loss of bladder or bowel control. This is a sign of cauda equina syndrome, a rare but serious condition that requires emergency care. If you experience either of these symptoms, seek medical help immediately.

What Are The Causes?

As per our back pain specialist Singapore, the main cause of sciatica is generally a result of a disc herniation directly pressing on the nerve. However any cause of irritation or inflammation of this nerve can reproduce the symptoms of sciatica. These causes include irritation of the nerve from adjacent bone, tumors, muscle, internal bleeding, infections, injury, and many others

How Is Sciatica Diagnosed?

Our back pain specialist Singapore diagnose sciatica with:

Physical exam and medical history, X-ray, MRI

Sciatica Treatment Specialist

Traditionally bed rest has been used for the treatment of sciatica. In Singapore Sports Clinic, Other treatments for sciatica include addressing the underlying cause, medications to relieve pain and inflammation and relax muscles, and physical therapy. Surgical procedures are sometimes required for persistent sciatica that is caused by nerve compression at the lower spine.

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