PINCHED NERVE diseases – Nervous is an important part in controlling our bodies. Composed on the basis of nerve fibers that will join the new organs to the central nervous system. So many full-blooded treatment with nerve. As for the central nervous system focused on the brain, spinal cord and nervous system among other parts.

Pinched Nerve Disease

Pinched Nerve Disease

Bottom line nerve to the brain will be working on the construction of the body’s organs to function properly. But how to do his job even when nervous errors occur and result in a pinched nerve. This is not a trivial thing again, because if it happens it could lead to paralysis of the body’s organs.

This disease is not familiar. Because sometimes we are also affected by this disease when we rang our throats (in the sense that when we tilt the neck from side to side). For mild pinched nerves might just feel like pulled nerves, aches and pains while to turn around. But not the neck that could be affected by a pinched nerve. Parts of other organs may also be affected by this disease. But the most common neurological disease is pinched nerve in the cervical or neck, in the palm of the hand or the CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome), and at the waist.

The pain can occur because of damage to the tissue. Pain is a lucrative defense because with the pain, then the tissue damage is going to be avoided so as not to cause more severe damage.

Pain that lasts long been known as chronic pain. Pain is very harmful because the effect is very broad in our lives. Pain is known as adverse neurological pain and have symptoms different from other pain. If this occurs in the neck, the jaw bone to allow displaced.

Neuropathic pain caused by nerve disorders mover muscles will result in muscular weakness to stimulate muscle contraction. Similarly, in case of neuropathic pain caused by nerve sensory disturbance, there will be symptoms of pain that is accompanied by symptoms of loss of feeling, tingling, so no sense in touch.

To issue this paralysis, not only can occur in the neck, but also on the back and waist. Even in the long term after the paralysis occurred could lead to death, if the nerves that are vital (cardiac nerve / spinal cord).

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