What is Prolotherapy Treatment?

Prolotherapy treatment is an innovative treatment technique that aims to reduce pain by affecting and direct healing effects on the area / cause of the pain.

Treatment of prolotherapy consists of injection of several irritant fluid into joints or to tendons and ligaments (connective tissue). Irritant liquids are generally used as sugar (dextrose), intended to stimulate growth and healing in areas of damage / complaints, so that ultimately is expected to reduce pain.

Is Prolotherapy safe? How effective is prolotherapy treatment?

In contrast to other therapeutic methods, the effectiveness of prolotherapy treatment based on the study showed ± 80% of patients treated with prolotherapy treatment reported good or excellent results. Prolotherapy treatment is said to be quite safe and has long-term effectiveness.

What Is The Purpose Of Prolotherapy Treatment?

The goal of prolotherapy is to relieve pain by triggering the body’s ability to heal by itself. Prolotherapy Treatment is often used in back pain, knee arthritis, sports injuries or other muscular and joint disorders such as facial syndrome (back and neck arthritis), whiplash, tennis elbow, injury / sprain, chronic inflammation tendons (tendonitis), etc., and provide an excellent response to this therapy.

Prolotherapy Treatment Singapore

Prolotherapy Treatment Singapore

What is the Principle or Mechanism of Prolotherapy?

The principle or mechanism of action of prolotherapy treatment is to stimulate mild temporary light inflammation at the injection site, activating inflammatory cells into the area and triggering the formation of new collagen tissue that will strengthen connective tissue. Some chemical reactions will occur in inflamed areas due to injections on prolotherapy treatment which eventually leads to new cell growth and repair of damaged tissue.

How does prolotherapy treatment works?When soft tissue is injured, there will be inflammation around it as the body’s natural response. The inflammatory process will stimulate the substances present in the blood to produce growth substances that are essential for the healing process.

Ligaments, tendons and cartilage get very little blood supply, so the healing process is often imperfect because of the lack of necessary substances. The inflammatory process will also be disrupted if the patient is taking anti-inflammatory drugs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug prescription (NSAID) to reduce pain and swelling in the tissues. The dextrose solution is concentrated with little addition of local anaesthesia injected into the ligaments, tendons, or joint capsules that are experiencing abnormalities or complaints. This fluid not only acts as a nutrient, but also stimulates the body’s natural ability to repair tissues, promoting ligament or tendon growth.

In contrast to corticosteroid injections that are sometimes given to suppress inflammation and reduce chronic pain, prolotherapy actually provides a good permanent effect in repairing damaged tissue. Some combination of treatments or treatments, will further encourage additional tissue growth to restore and strengthen the affected area.

What is Prolotherapy Procedure?

Prolotherapy procedures take no time for each time. Starting from preparation, injection and recovery time is only about 30 minutes. This method can be performed in the clinic, without surgery, without general anesthesia and no prolonged recovery period. In fact, many people return to work activities or activities after prolotherapy procedures.

Prolotherapy Procedure without and with a Muskuloskeletal ultrasound guide

Prolotherapy treatment for back painProlotherapy treatment for neck pain with ultrasoundInjections of nutritional fluid is done every 2-6 weeks until the expected healing process is complete and the patient can reactivate without pain.

What happen after Prolotherapy treatment?

After early stage prolotherapy, mild and temporary swelling and stiffness may develop. Some patients give pain complaints that seem to get great after the injection until a few days later, but some other patients feel a real improvement after the first session is over.

The process of swelling and inflammation that occur is temporary and will heal and subside after 3 days simultaneously with the healing process of the previously damaged tissue. After several prolotherapy sessions, there will be a permanent cure so that it can return to physical activity as before experiencing abnormalities. X-rays of healing process of joint cartilage and joint cleft after multiple prolotherapy injection.

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