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Pronation is a condition in which the sufferer pronation while running, movement (gait circle) will tend to move in the direction of tilt. Of course, these conditions are not ideal. Pronation can occur in children and adults. In children, pronation can be cured with the use of orthotics regularly. On the other hand, if the pronation in children was not handled well, then they will be at risk of experiencing over pronation when they mature and will be a permanent condition.

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Pronation and Effects

Types of Pronation and Effects

Pronation is divided into 3 types:

  1. Neutral pronation is movement where people would tend to go with the outside of the heel or foot center. At the time step, the foot will follow the movement of the second toe.
  2. Over pronation. This condition occurs if the gait circle tends to go. This will result in the distribution of weight on the feet which are unevenly distributed. This movement will increase the pressure on the bones, muscles and tendons. Form of knee and hip will also be affected this movement. Over pronation can lead to other problems such as stress can lead to cracks in the bone, Achilles tendinopathy and so forth.
  3. Under pronation. Under pronation is also known as supination. Under pronation is the opposite of over-pronation. This usually happens if the arch of the foot is too high. Weight loss will be collected on the outside of the leg bones and makes legs unable to support weight well. This condition can of course be dangerous because it can lead to cracks in the bone.

To deal with pronation, some therapist or doctor would use wire to hold the foot that turns the system completely ineffective. Usually the problem is solved by using the foot orthopedic and walking exercise. Because of the shape and size of each human foot is different, then the most appropriate solution for pronation course using the support or orthotics that are tailored to the shape of each foot sufferers. Orthotics are not only correct the shape of your foot pronation in accordance with such requirement, but also improve performance in activities, especially those involving the movement of walking or running

Ideally is to find out the problem as early as possible. Seek professional treatment as soon as possible to confirm the diagnosis. Early treatment in children will be much easier than in adults. Well, if pronation is diagnosed, doctor will advised for the proper  treatment and prevent future problems.

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