Radial tunnel syndrome is a disorder resulting from pressure on the branch of the radial nerve in the forearm or back of the arm, or elbow.

Radial Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Why Forearm nerve pain?

The cause of pressure on the radial nerve at the elbow including injuries, ganglion, lipomas (fatty tumors like cancer), bone tumors, and inflammation around the bursa or muscles.

Symptoms Of Radial Tunnel Syndrome

The pressure on the radial nerve produces pain as cut, pierced, or stabbed affecting the forearm and the back end of the hand. Pain is produced when the person is trying to tense the wrist and fingers. There is no sensation is lost, because the radial nerves connect with muscles principle. This disorder is sometimes confused with the shoulder backhand tennis (lateral epicondylitis).

Radial Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

To reduce pressure on the nerve and speed healing, the person avoid twisting your wrists and arms bend at the elbow. If the wrist is weak and tends to droop (wrist drop), surgery may be needed to relieve pressure on the nerve.

Radial tunnel syndrome Treatment include:

  • over-the-counter medications to reduce swelling
  • steroid injections to relieve inflammation and pressure on the radial nerve
  • wrist and/or elbow splints to reduce irritation of the radial nerve
  • physiotherapy, techniques to reduce the effects of repetitive motion stress, ultrasound, heat and cold
  • Radial tunnel syndrome surgery may be recommended for severe cases despite all the conservative treatment.

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