Bone is a tissue composed of cells and extracellular collagen matrix dominated (type I collagen) called osteoid. Osteoid is mineralized by calcium hydroxyapatite deposits, so that bones become stiff and strong. Or it could also be said is supporting bone or vertebrate skeleton. Without bones, your body certainly could not stand up. Bones began to take shape as a baby in the womb, continues until the second decade in a regular arrangement.

We need to know that so many kinds of bone diseases, therefore if you are experiencing any discomfort to your bone, should consult a doctor because it will be fatal. Here are a variety of bone diseases:

Crooked Legs

Crooked legs occurs due to an interruption in the center of the knee bone growth or because the bone is fragile. It can also occur due to beriberi disease, polio, and even cerebral palsy. Weight loss and habit of sitting on the floor with folded legs can also be bent legs.

Crooked legs that occurs in adulthood may be caused by inflammation of the bone marrow, bone fractures, joints are deteriorating, or bone syphilis. Bone diseases such as these can not be treated at home, but should be addressed by medical personnel.

Swollen Great Toe (Bunions)

Bunions are swollen toe joint tissues that become soft and very sick. This disease usually affects the second toe at the same time.

Toe swelling occurs as a result of the use of shoes that do not fit, pointy toes, or narrowness. Shoes that are narrow forcing and pressing your toes. Joints become prominent and more easily under pressure.

Calcaneal Spur (Pain in the heel)

Pain in the heel is due to excessive strain due to carrying heavy loads. The result is as bony spurs in the heel bone.

Soaking the feet in hot water and massage one or two times a day can help improve blood circulation in the legs and reduce pain. If this feels pain in the heel kept interrupting, you should immediately go to the doctor.


Hydroxyapatite or better known as bone disease caused by calcium buildup piropospat (a type of body calcium)


Osteoarthritis, the disease mostly occurs in the elderly. This disease is arthritis that does not cause inflammation in the joints. This disease usually attacks the joints of the arms, wrists, knees, feet, shoulders, and hips of this disease is the other name of rheumatism.


Gout Disease (Gout), the disease usually strikes suddenly in humans and occurs repeatedly. Marked a feeling of pain in the bones. The disease is caused by the formation of monosodium glutamate urate crystals precipitate gathered at the joints. Other causes due to high levels of uric acid in the blood.


Sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that begins with a marked formation of granulomas in the lymph nodes, lungs, liver, eyes, skin also other tissues.

Joint Pain Due to Infection

Joint Pain Due to Infection: infection of the body could have attacked the bones if you consume less vigilance

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). It is anti-immune disease, where the immune system that functions to protect people, will turn around and attack the body against itself. Usually people with lupus will experience tremendous pain in their bones. The disease is not yet known cure and largely misunderstood by some doctors in the world.


Kyphosis is a disorder of the spine. Where you will be seen bent due to bone bent forward and people will look bent.

Sprain or Dislocate

Sprain or dislocate is a disorder that occurs in the bone joints causing the bones to become unable to move or the incredible pain in the joints.


Osteoporosis, which will cause your bones to become brittle, brittle and easily broken. The disease attacks people who already have advanced age.


Microcephaly is a disorder of bone growth, especially the skull. If you experience this disorder, the patient will look smaller than normal humans in general.


Scoliosis. Patients with this disorder have a weird bone growth. Spine patients will grow curved to the left and the right.

Prevention of Bone Disease

On bone diseases can actually be prevented by consuming a balanced calcium, as calcium useful for bone health. Besides diligent exercising and eating a healthy, balanced diet.


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