Recommended Food After Exercise

Hunger after exercise is a natural thing, but it is important to pay attention to what foods you consume afterwards in order to get maximum results.

Here are five foods to be consumed after exercise for example eggs, bananas, yoghurt, nuts, low-fat chocolate milk.


After exercise are advised to eat foods high in protein such as eggs, where the protein content of the eggs obtained will work best and be a very good nutrition for the body. Perfect for those of you who are running the program and the formation of muscle enlargement.


Bananas are one of the fruit is best eaten after exercise. Both natural sugars and potassiumnya to recover useful energy to prevent and relieve muscle cramps that often occur.


Yogurt prove useful to restore the function of bone and muscle pain as a result of exercising too hard. Your bone health will also be maintained so that it is not easy because it contains calcium loss. These healthy snacks are also low in fat so you do not make a futile exercise.


Many professional athletes who consume nuts after doing sports activities. This was caused by dimilkinya fat, protein, carbohydrates, and vitamin E in nuts that can restore muscle energy and stamina to keep the sport further.

Low-fat chocolate milk

Chocolate milk proved useful to restore fluids in the body called rehydration. In addition, levels of the vitamins and minerals are also useful to aid muscle recovery.

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