Risk for Prolonged Sitting? Do you realize, how many hours of sitting in the office? Do you know what the worst risk to health if it is  sit down for long hours? This is the worst result if you sit 8-10 hours with the same position and did not immediately realize the bad habits.

Risk for Prolonged Sitting

Risk for Prolonged Sitting

The Risk for Prolonged Sitting:

Back Pain

The habit of prolong sitting is normally had by those who work in office. Prolong sitting will normally cause back pain. the pain is usually felt in the lower back or in the spine as a whole. The pain is caused by muscle stiffness from sitting too long.

Metabolic Disorder

Research shows if you sit too long until many hours, the metabolism in the body systems will be disrupted. Consequently, there is a decrease of cholesterol in the body. What happens next is going to be a lot of health problems as a whole.

Increased Risk of Diabetes

Women who sit for up to 7 hours a day could be exposed to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. Well, if more and more time spent sitting in one week, then the various symptoms of the disease will increasingly be seen to emerge.

Neck Pain

If you sit in an upright position for long hours then pain in the neck will soon appear. The pain is caused by inflammation of the spinal joints.

Worst result was Died Young

The results showed that the more time sitting, it will be the shorter your age. In this position, the body goes into a phase of “Shut down” completely. Moreover, in a sitting position for hours you are more likely to develop blood fat and cholesterol levels. The risk of cardiovascular disease is increasing. So chances are heart disease and other diseases that can cause death.

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