A rotator cuff pain is a symptom that tear, an inflammation or adhesion is taking hold. Tears can occur after a fall or an accident, or even repetitive strain, as in the case of a baseball player, tennis or golf. inflammation may also be a result of repetitive movements or heavy lifting high, as in the case of a worker or a weight lifter. An adhesion can occur spontaneously or in individuals who have diabetes or are overweight, though not exclusively.

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Adhesions are scar tissue, in the case of shoulder capsule membrane protecting the rotator cuff. I all cases the pain starts gently like tingle, only to get worse with time, especially at night. In the case of tears and throat pain persistent throughout the condition until the end. Inflammation is coming up with names Bursitis Shoulder and Shoulder Tendinitis, referring respectively to an inflammation of the rotator cuff tendon and Exchanges. Bursa and Tendons usually slide by each other on the shoulder bare bones to prevent friction. When in a few individuals into a narrow space between the bones, inflammation is more friction and ultimately from Bursa and Tendons ensues. This in turn leads to Impingement Syndrome, pinched, feeling of clicking on each arm movement. Motion is still possible, though.

In the case of Adhesions, scars thickened as causing a condition called Adhesive Capsulitis, commonly known as frozen shoulder. As the name suggests, can be very limited arm movement, although the pain may subside after the initial freezing phase painful. In the phase of frozen pain down, but the mobility impaired. In the third and final stage of melting, moving very slowly restored. All phase can go on for months and all the conditions together can last up to two or even three years.

In all cases it is best to consult a doctor to diagnose and professionals do not rely on this or any other article for self-diagnosis. It is a fact though, that the pain is usually associated with rotator cuff disease on top, and that anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids and not good, usually prescribed to treat the symptoms and mask the pain. In the most severe cases cortisone injections, manipulation (for Frozen Shoulder) or surgery can be performed.

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