Osteoporosis or bone disease is one disease that afflicts due to reduced bone mass and bone density. As a result of osteoporosis are the bones become fragile and break easily due to reduced bone density. Bone itself is one important part of our body. Bone is a framework that supports our body so that we can move. Conceivably, if the supporting body is fragile, brittle and easily broken, resulting in bone pain, disruption to move even cause paralysis and permanent disability.

Here are some suggestions that you can apply in order not to run into this porous bone disease. The prevention will be as follow:

Calcium Consumption

Calcium is an element of bone and teeth formation. So, in order to maintain bone density, it is important to consume plenty of calcium contained in milk. Unfortunately, as we get older, the ability to absorb calcium decreases. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself or your child to drink milk every day from an early age. Because the cause of osteoporosis is a lack of calcium intake at a young age.

Young people, often think they do not need to consume milk is considered as a small child. Or because it thinks the bone can not grow anymore so they are reluctant to drink milk. Indeed, in general, the bones stop growing at age 16-18 years, but that does not mean we no longer need to pay attention to bone health because bone is very important function for the body.

Calcium is required for each person is different, depending on your weight and activity undertaken. In pregnant and lactating women, calcium is needed more.

Calcium is not just found in milk, other foods such as fish, soup bones, green leafy vegetables such as spinach and beans are a good source of calcium. Because calcium can not be produced by our bodies, it is important to drink milk and consume foods that contain calcium.

Vitamin D

In order for calcium from milk and food can be absorbed perfectly, needed vitamin D. It would be very unfortunate, when we consume foods that contain lots of calcium but can not be absorbed properly, so that eventually the body takes calcium is in the bones. As a result, bones become brittle.

To get vitamin D is actually not difficult. Sunlight in the morning (between 06.00 until 09.00 am) and afternoon (after 16.00) is one source of vitamin D. In the skin layer of our bodies are actually non-active vitamin D with sunlight and vitamin D can be active and useful to the body.

Apart from sunlight, vitamin D can also be obtained from foods such as fish (eg salmon and sardines), egg yolks, liver, milk, cheese and other dairy products.

Exercise / Sports

In addition to calcium, it is important to do regular exercise to strengthen bones and increase bone density. Just like muscles, bones also need to be trained in order to create strong bones.

Sports that can be done to train the bone is by doing exercises that provide compressive force on the bone, loose style and style twist. Style can stimulate bone growth so that bones become healthier. You can try it with cycling, jogging, or walking up and down stairs.

In addition to calcium, vitamin D and exercise, it would be better if you try to live a healthy life by stopping smoking. Cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, tea, and cola can inhibit calcium absorption. Instead, eat a nutritious diet that meets 4 healthy 5 perfect.

Bone Destructive Habits

Bad habits also can make impaired bone growth or make the bone structure becomes damaged. Bad habits are as follow:

  • Bending can cause spinal nerve that passes pinched, causing pain.
  • Wearing high heels for a long time. When using high heels, it stretchs the soft tissues around the ankle joint, which can damage the structure of soft tissue.
  • Carrying heavy bags can worsen the condition of the bone when we had abnormalities in the bone.
  • Ring the finger. The sound of friction due to the soft tissue around the finger joints. The process happens repeatedly it will cause disruption in the soft tissues.

Bone health is often neglected, because the pain is generally only felt when the bones are fragile or when otherwise porous bones. The process of taking calcium from the bones is often called the silent disease because it occurs without signs or symptoms. So, continue to pay attention to your bone health, avoid osteoporosis, in order to continue to smoothly move into old age.

Dr Kevin Yip, Senior Orthopaedic Consultant at Gleneagles. 

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