Scoliosis And Asthma

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Abnormalities in the spine can also be a trigger for the disruption breathing in children.

Scoliosis with respiratory illness, usually occurs in children who have spinal abnormalities with the degree of curvature is quite large, between 40 º and 90 º, or the presence of scoliosis in the chest area (spine piston).

Scoliosis is a disorder that causes abnormalities-arching  (Bends) of his spine (spine) to the side. These abnormalities cause muscles or nerves around the spine is not functioning perfectly, thus affecting the shape of the spine to be curved.

Respiratory effects on the scoliosis is caused by lung restriction and decreased lung volume, due to the position of organs in the chest cavity is not in place. On the other hand, there is movement disorders ribs (costa), and the mechanical movement of the respiratory muscles, the less free. All of these conditions cause a decrease in the ability of the movement of the chest wall and decreased elasticity of the lung (lung compliance), so the increased work of breathing at rest and sleep. That is why, children with scoliosis often have respiratory problems.

Scoliosis is usually found in children of school age 4-10 years. generally discovered accidentally. When exercising, especially the pool or on the a child to undress and wear tight shirts (in girls) because it is the role of parents and teachers to be important in finding cases in scoliosis in children who have 3 types based on age, namely Infantile (0-3 years), juvenile (4-9 years ), and the Adolescent, in children aged 10 years to the age of the bone maturation.

Because this disorder can be improved when patients were aged under 17 years. Above that age, the bones are entering a period of maturation, it is difficult to repair. That is why, should be anticipated as early as possible.

Scoliosis can occur because of heredity. Scoliosis is usually a family heirloom. But tend to fall in girls. Patients with moderate scoliosis, recovery should use tools – a sort of buffer to restore the position of the spine in children – the so-called brace. Medical rehabilitation therapy in the form of exercise or exercise (in a brace and brace outside).

Regarding the brace, for patients with scoliosis in 20-40 degree curve is done gradually until the child is accustomed to. Starting 2-3 hours to 23 hours per day, or only released at bath time. Every six months monitored by x-ray standard scoliosis, until the time of the release of the brace. Normally when bone maturation has been reached, or about the age of 17 -18 years. And that’s after it was confirmed by looking at the x-ray pelvis / hip.

Scoliosis Classification (based on the degree of curvature)

  1. Mild scoliosis: curve of less than 20 º
  2. Moderate Scoliosis: curve 20 º – 40 º / 50 º (Start changes structural vertebra and costa).
  3. Severe Scoliosis: over 40 º -50 º. Associated with greater vertebral rotation, often accompanied by pain, degenerative joint disease. At the angle of more than 60 º – 70 º frequent cardiopulmonary dysfunction, to decrease life expectancy.

For severe scoliosis cases, surgery may be recommended to prevent developmental problem.

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