Where Is the Shin Splints Injury?

There is pain and inflammation in the area about 6 inches above the ankle, which is in the tibia (shinbone.) Because of the shin is located on the front, then the pain is often felt in the forefoot. This area will not hurt if pressed. Pain will increase pain if taken away, jumping, uphill, and downhill. This condition is called Shin Splint.

Shin Splints Injury Clinic

Shin Splints Injury

What happened If Shin Splints Injury?

Calf muscle becomes inflamed due to constant pressure in the shins. This ongoing burden that caused the area to become swollen and painful.

Treatment For Shin Splints Injury

Seven to ten days rest and the application of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) the choice of healing. In addition, the decrease in the intensity of exercise that uses a high leg can do. Prescription drugs such as anti-inflammatory drugs may also be used. The pattern of bone rehabilitation regularly as swimming and cycling are also a good choice.

Prevent Shin Splints Injury

Injuries Shin splints can be caused by various reasons, such as the leg muscles are tense or weak, use running shoes that have been worn or do not fit, are too hard to practice, a sudden change of intensity, duration, and pattern of daily exercise. So the best way to not injured shin splints is to avoid the risk factors causing these injuries.

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