CAUSES Dislocated Shoulder? Injuries to the shoulder are caused by fatigue, but often occurs in tennis players, badminton, throwing sports and swimming (internal violence / causes that originate from within).

This injury also commonly caused by external violence (causes from outside), due to body contact sports, eg football, rugby and others.

Injuries can be:

  1. luxation / subluxation of the shoulder joint
  2. luxation / subluxation of acromio clavicular joints
  3. subdeltoid bursitis
  4. strains from the roof of the shoulder muscles (rotator cuff)

“Lux = dislocation”

Dislocation is a discharge head joint or joints of the bowl discharge joint head of the bowl. If only part of the shift is called subluxation and dislocation when fully known.

Shoulder joint is one of the most common shoulder dislocation. This is because many ranges of motion of the shoulder joint, a shallow bowl of joints and the glenoid ligament lax.

Dislocated Shoulder Specialist Clinic

The signs of the shoulder joint dislocation are:

  • The shoulder joint can not be moved
  • The victim was not able to hold the opposite shoulder
  • Contour shoulder is gone, head joints are not palpable in place
  • Curved shoulder disappeared
  • Unable to move
  • The upper arm slightly abducted
  • Forearm supination slightly

Dislocation of the shoulder joint is commonly found in adults, is rarely found in children.

Causes Dislocated Shoulder

  1. Sports injuries. Sports are usually the cause of dislocation is football and hockey, as well as sports at risk of falling for example: sink due skiing, gymnastics, volleyball. Basketball players and soccer players most often suffer dislocations in the hand and fingers due to accidentally catch the ball from other players.
  2. Trauma that is not related to sports, such as heavy impact on the joints when motorcycle accidents typically cause dislocation
  3. Fell down the stairs or fell while dancing on slippery floor
  4. Pathological: the ‘tear’ ligament and articuler capsule which is a vital component of bone connective

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