Shoulder Injuries are often caused by fatigue., But often occurs in tennis players, badminton, throwing sports and swimming (internal violence / causes that originate from within).

This injury also commonly caused by external violence (causes from outside), due to body contact sports, eg football, rugby and others.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Injuries can be:

  1. luxation / subluxation of the shoulder joint
  2. luxation / subluxation of acromio clavicular joints
  3. sub deltoid bursitis
  4. strains from the roof of the shoulder muscles (rotator cuff)

1. Luxation / subluxation of the shoulder joint

In the shoulder joint often luxation / subluxation because it globoidea (joint head into the bowl joints less than separuhya). Injuries to the shoulder joint is often due to excessive use of the shoulder joint or body contact sport, we should note that the shoulder joint is very weak, because it globoidea which only reinforced by ligaments and muscles of the shoulders.

Signs Of Luxation / Dislocation:

  • curved shoulder disappeared
  • shoulder cannot be moved
  • upper arm slightly abducted
  • forearm supination slightly

2. Luxation / subluxation of acromioclavicular joint

Acromioclavicular joints often undergo injury from a fall or being hit on the tip of the shoulder. This injury is common among equestrian, rugby, or football. If the injury is limited to the tearing of the ligament acromioclavicular line, then there subluxaation / partial dislocation.

If the ligament and the ligament korako akromio clavicular clavicular disconnected, then there luksasio or total dislocation. In circumstances luksasio / subluksasio of these joints, we may touch the lifting end portion klavikulare higher acromion. When the long-standing injury, the swelling has occurred, then the end klavikulare difficult palpable.

3. Subdeltoid bursitis

Here, the shoulder joint can function with a smooth motion due to the subdeltoid bursa and bursa can become inflamed. subdeltoid bursa mucosa was giving kickbacks to the tendon that runs on the roof of the shoulder.

If the bursa is injured, it will be slightly swollen with increased synovial fluid and the movement painful, these injuries usually occur because of a direct blow to the shoulder, for example in body contact sports (frozen shoulder)

4. Strains of the muscles of the shoulder (rotator cuff)

The term used for the rotator cuff of fibrous connective tissue that surrounds the upper part of the humerus bone. It was formed by the merging of the shoulder tendons roof

The four tendons are:

  • musculus supraspinatus
  • musculus infraspinatus
  • musculus teres minor
  • musculus subscapularis

The most frequent injury is the supraspinatus tendon. It usually occurs due to a sudden pull, for example, fell by the hand straight or sudden abduction against a heavy load by hand-held

Symptoms Of Rotator Cuff Injury:

Patients complain of pain in the shoulder tip. If the patient raise the arm to the side after the first 45 degrees, the patient began to feel sick, especially after arm steeper. But the pain was reduced again after passing 120 degree.

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