SHOULDER INJURY? Shoulder joints are often injured. The form can be either rigid, shifted, until shredded. Shoulder injuries are often attacked the athletes. In fact, tennis player like Sharapova had failed to defend his title at the Australian Open because of because of shoulder injury.

Shoulder Injury

ARTHROSCOPY is  minimal invasive keyhole surgery with GREAT results.

Shoulder injuries often experienced by those who frequently perform weight-bearing activity and other extreme movements. Sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, and other sports that use the hands are particularly vulnerable to shoulder injuries. Initially, patients may think they are experiencing those injuries because of it meant to be.

However, when the injury has reached the stage that can interfere with the activity, pen-suffering will begin to feel ‘weak’. Patients will find it increasingly difficult to do something, so sometimes arise self-hatred and low self-esteem due to the dependence of life with others.

Character of Shoulder Joint

Naturally, if many feel ‘frustrated’ due to a shoulder injury. This shoulder joint is a producer of daily functional movements, such as combing, scratching his head, took his wallet, and so the harmonious cooperation and simultaneously with other joints. Shoulder joint has the following characteristics, among others, the ratio between the surface bowl joint by joint heads are not comparable. joint capsule is relatively weak. Muscles wrapping relatively weak joint. Movement is the most extensive. as well, the relative lack of joint stability. Therefore, it is easier to beat! Shoulder joint-mi dysfunction compared the other joints.

Shoulder Arthroscopy for Shoulder Injury

To fix the damage caused by a shoulder injury, could be done with the procedure arthroscopy  Arthroscopy shoulder surgery is a procedure in the shoulder by using a camera that connected with the monitor. Such measures endoscopy other advantages of this technique is the minimal incision, safe, comfortable, and just took me for a day care.

Arthroscopic can be applied to disorders caused by sports injuries and stiff joints (frozen shoulder) who failed conservative manner. Frozen shoulder is a shoulder disorder that little or no cause pain, showed no abnormalities in the X-rays, but it shows the limitation of movement. Frozen shoulder can be identified with adhesive capsulitis and arthritis patient can be characterized by reduced mobility, both passive and active motion in all patterns.

Arthroscopic procedure can also be applied to a dislocated shoulder a new (fresh) or old (neglected), the shoulders are often in and out (habitual dislocation of the shoulder), diagnostic shoulder joint abnormalities, muscle rips roof of the shoulder (rotator cuff tear), Bankart lesions, lesions slap , calcification of the shoulder joint, loose fragments, and impingement syndrome.

Shoulder Injury - Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder Injury – Shoulder Arthroscopy

Arthroscopic Procedure

Procedures performed when patient will undergo shoulder arthroscopic is pre-operative evaluation. It can form a blood and consultation as needed. Subsequently, the patient will be given a general anesthetic. Arthroscopy was done to the patient in a sitting position or tilted to the healthy side. Furthermore, the hand on the shoulder that surgery will be wrapped and worn sling. And, people will only obtain two surgical wound, one in front and one in back with large incisions 4 mm. Specifically in the case of elderly people with complaints such as calcification of the shoulder joint or joint stiffness and impingement syndrome by the AC joint or ligament calcification Coracoacromiale, arthroscopic procedure will give satisfactory results.

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