SHOULDER INJURY? Shoulder pain can be caused by a variety of injuries or conditions.

Shoulder Injury

Shoulder joint is a joint that can move freely (extremely mobile) but has a low stability.

Therefore, the shoulder joint is susceptible to injuries, such as dislocations or better known as a sprain.

In general, the shoulder joint injuries can be divided into two types, namely:

1. Acute Shoulder Injury (Acute Injuries)

Acute injuries are injuries that occur due to a sudden movement of the joints. Someone will usually know when the injury occurred and was able to describe how the injury happened.

People who experience acute shoulder joint injuries often describe the pain sudden and sometimes experience clicking or popping sensation (clicking or popping sensation).

Included in the acute injury of the shoulder joint are as follows:

Injury care is to get some rest and cold therapy by way of the shoulder joint with an ice compress.

Support the weight of the arm using the sling may be advisable.

In addition, immediately consult a health worker to determine the nature of the injury and appropriate treatment for the injury.

2. Postural Shoulder Injuries / Severe Shoulder Injury (Overuse / Postural Injuries)

Severe injury (overuse injuries) is an injury in which the shoulder pain was worsening over time.

People who experience overuse injuries usually can not explain specifically what led to the emergence of pain.

Overuse injuries are usually associated with bad posture and exercise techniques that are less good.

Overuse injuries are common, namely:

Care and treatment for overuse injury is often more difficult than acute injuries of the shoulder joint.

For the initial stage, movement or activity that could aggravate the condition should be stop and the joint can be rested.

Treatment of soft tissue and electrotherapy can also be used to reduce pain and inflammation and scarring destroys muscles and increase flexibility.

Once the pain and inflammation subside, exercise rehabilitation program will usually be done to address the postural issues and muscle imbalances that contribute to injury.

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