There is a sense of the ordinary, and began to feel pain above and around the shoulder joint. Sometimes even spreading to the arm and the hand underneath. We can alleviate the shoulder joint dislocation pain by holding the shoulders so as not to move back and forth.

Shoulder Joint Dislocation

What Happened If Shoulder Joint Dislocation?

Shoulder joint was like a hump on the upper arm bone, into areas such as the bowl, so that the hand can move freely, up, down, left, right, muter-muter, but susceptible to dislocation or displacement of the joint. Clash of the shoulder to the floor, for example, on an outstretched arm, can force the ends of the bones are as out of place last hump-shaped bowl earlier. It could also be because of little interest to the upper arm, which led to a very stretching the ligaments.

First Aid For Shoulder Joint Dislocation

First and foremost, dislocated shoulder should use the sling and so not easy to move. With the arm sling on, the patient will help to ease the pain and feel more comfortable. When the dislocation, there may be a fracture or broken bone, maybe a little cracked, and there are some major nerves that need to be protected, so seek medical attention to an orthopedic specialist immediately to prevent it from getting worst.

Prevention of Shoulder Joint Dislocation

Prevent dislocation of the shoulder was not easy … but by strengthening the muscles and tendons will reduce the risk of occurrence. Alternatively, if you happen to have experienced neh, we can try some exercises to decrease the likelihood of happening again. If you can not go to the gym, simple exercises such as press-ups, dips and chin-ups will help to strengthen the shoulder to injury potential.

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