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Pain in the shoulder can also be caused by muscle injury from falls or accidents during activity. Sometimes shoulder pain can also come from conditions such as arthritis or diseases that affect other joint areas.

One of the conditions that causes a dislocation in the shoulder is muscle injury. This occurs when the ball joint detaches from the shoulder joint causing pain and weakness, causing dislocation. When the difficulty to move the arm is accompanied by pain, this could be a sign of a dislocation. How to treat a shoulder muscle injury can be done at home by resting and applying ice to it for a few days.

But under certain conditions, shoulder muscle injury requires professional help, here are signs of serious shoulder muscle injury: Shoulder joints appear crooked or not aligned, Unable to move shoulders normally; The shoulder feels too stiff and painful to move; Shoulders suddenly swollen; The arms or hands feel weak or numb.

If you experience these signs, you should consult with your doctor about how to treat shoulder muscle injuries so you can get therapy immediately.

Shoulder Dislocation

Basically, a shoulder dislocation occurs when the hump of the upper arm bone exits the shoulder joint. The joint in the shoulder is called the bullet joint, it can move in any direction and is prone to detach from the joint because the ball joint of the upper arm is in a very shallow socket. Behind the ease of moving freely in various directions, the bullet hinge is easily dislodged due to its unstable nature. In some cases, the tissue around the shoulder joint can stretch or tear.

Shoulder dislocation can be caused by the following factors: Fall and hit your shoulder first, especially on a hard surface; Hit in the shoulder; Use your hands to stop falling; Traffic accident; Sports injury.

There are several symptoms that appear when you have a shoulder injury, namely: Shoulder that appears deformed or out of place; Swelling or bruising Intense pain; Inability to move joints.

In addition, a dislocation of the shoulder can cause numbness, weakness or tingling near the injured area, such as in the neck or arms. The muscles in the shoulder can also go into spasm, often increasing the intensity of the pain in the shoulder.

Shoulder Muscle Injury Specialist Clinic

Shoulder Muscle Injury Treatments

How to treat shoulder muscle injuries, especially for shoulder dislocation problems, generally requires medical assistance.

The doctor may advise the patient to rest and take medications to reduce pain and swelling. In addition, how to treat shoulder muscle injuries can be treated with physiotherapy, such as shoulder dislocation therapy. Physiotherapy treatment will be carried out by a physical therapist or physiotherapist for recovery according to the conditions experienced.

For shoulder dislocation therapy, the physiotherapist will help to return the patient’s shoulder to its proper position by moving the arm bones back into the shoulder socket.

Once the arm bone is back into the socket, the pain should slowly go away. We recommend that you do treatment immediately because the pain can get worse.

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