Simple Ways to Overcome Lower Back Pain

Almost everyone has experienced pain in the lower back, at least once in his life. There are many options to deal with the pain like medication, but there are few simple ways to overcome lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Back pain can be triggered by a variety of reasons, ranging from injuries to the muscles and spine using excessive and continuous. Treatment is tailored to the cause, but some things you can do to help ease it.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Simple ways to relieve lower back pain are as follow:

  1. Avoid positions and activities that triggered to back pain.  Stop activity if there is a  sudden relapse of back pain as it will surely deteriorate the condition further.  If necessary, use pain relief medication or use a special cooling (ice packs) to ease the back pain.
  2. When the pain has subsided, do a simple stretch for the stomach, back and legs. If these exercise are done correctly, it will not only solve the pain but also prevent more serious injuries on the back muscles.
  3. Once the pain has completely eased, the intensity of the exercise should gradually increase. The more active a person the better it will be. If the muscles rest too much and not doing exercise, it will lose flexibility, strength and endurance as a result it will trigger the recurrent of lower back pain.
  4. Take note of the sleeping position. Avoid sleeping on his stomach as if the center of gravity down to the lower abdomen it will be interesting and weigh backs. So also when sleeping on your back, your back will withstand greater loads. The best position to prevent lower back pain is tilted, with one leg bent.
  5. Posture while sitting or standing is also important. Avoid lifting loads at on one point, which will eventually put too much weight on the back. Do not slouch when sitting or standing, because the weight is not properly distributed.

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