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Epilepsy is a chronic disease that has a characteristic form of recurrent seizures that often appear without trigger. Epileptic seizures occur because of a central nervous system (neurological) disorder that causes seizures or sometimes loss of consciousness.

Seizures are indeed the main symptom of epilepsy, but not everyone who experiences seizures must have this condition. Generally, a person is not considered to have epilepsy if he has never experienced two seizures or more within 24 hours of seizures for no apparent reason. Some people can very rarely experience seizure seizures, while others can experience seizures hundreds of times a day.

This condition can be addressed by reducing risk factors. Discuss with our Singapore Epilepsy Specialist, Dr Mathew Tung for more information about epilepsy.

Singapore Epilepsy SpecialistWhat are the signs and symptoms of epilepsy?

Because epilepsy is caused by abnormal activity in the brain, seizures can affect whatever process is regulated by your brain. In many cases, the symptoms of epilepsy take place spontaneously and briefly.

Here are some signs and symptoms of epilepsy are:

  • Temporary confusion
  • Eyes blank (stare) staring at a point too long
  • Movement jerked uncontrollably on hands and feet
  • Missing awareness completely or temporarily
  • Psychic symptoms
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Trembling or convulsions, in some parts of the body (face, arms, legs) or whole
  • The seizures followed by the body tighten and suddenly lose consciousness, which can cause the person to suddenly fall

There may be signs and symptoms of epilepsy that are not mentioned above. If you have concerns about a particular symptom of epilepsy, immediately consult with our doctor, Dr Mathew Tung, Singapore Neurosurgeon who is an experienced doctor for epilepsy in adults and children. 

Moreover, the symptoms of seizures due to epilepsy vary in each person. Some people may experience recurrent movements that occur quickly, suddenly, and over and over again without being controlled and losing consciousness for a moment. Symptoms of this epileptic seizure are referred to as general epilepsy disease. In some cases, a person can also experience sudden loss of consciousness, body stiffness and trembling, and sometimes loss of bladder control or biting of his tongue.

Some others may only have a blank stare as if they were dazed for a moment, even though it is a seizure. This condition is called partial epilepsy. Some people also show symptoms of repetitive motion, such as rubbing the hands, chewing, swallowing, or walking around in circles.

In some others, epileptic seizure symptoms are often misinterpreted as other neurological disorders such as migraine, narcolepsy, or mental illness. A person with this condition still feels conscious and then experiences anxiety or sudden emotional changes. Then this condition can develop into a complex partial epilepsy that makes the sufferer lose consciousness or stunned in a few seconds.

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Dr Mathew Tung is a neurosurgeon who treats epilepsy in both children and adults. Call 64762106 for an appointment with our neurosurgeon, Dr Mathew Tung

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