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What is Ganglion Cyst?Ganglion cyst is the tiny bumps on the wrists and legs certainly attract discomfort among individuals, especially for women.

In addition to the ugly looks on the bumps, the individual must have thought the lump is likely to occur due to a serious disease attack.

However,  the individual does not need to worry because the bumps known as ganglion cyst often occur among the public and do not invite any danger.

Ganglion cyst is a type of small bump-shaped lung disease near the joints or patient’s tendons.

This ganglion cyst is more common in women between the ages of 15 and 45 and rarely occurs in children or adults.

Although the disease has been frequently among the public for centuries, medical experts have yet to identify the true causes of tumour growth in these areas.

Ganglion cystCauses of Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion cyst may be due to the body’s response to repeated injury in the affected area and subsequently resulting in a lump of fluid.

Secondly, ganglion cyst can also occur due to the liquid that comes out in the membrane of ten.

Cyst ganglion can also occur due to frequent repetitive movements performed in those affected area. 

Ganglion cyst is often associated with gymnastics, violinists and individuals who use a lot of joints during their hauling activities.

Signs of Ganglion Cyst

In this lump there is the same fluid in the joints with joints such as glucosamine, hyaluronat and musin. However, this liquid is concentrated more concentrated like jelly, clear and odourless.

The lump has size ranging from 1 to 3 centimetres. It is sometimes soft or hard, depending on the quantity of liquid content found in the cyst.

About 85 to 88 percent of the people, cyst occurs around the wrist near the base of the thumb and bones while the rest grows on the knees and ankles.

Although the cyst are not difficult to detect and form almost 50 percent of the cyst and lumps in the hands area, but some early symptoms may indicate a person suffering from ganglion cyst disease.

There are several symptoms that show a cyst ganglion attack that is swollen on the base of the thumb base, at the base of the nails, in the legs and knees. Patients may experience pain during the movement in those areas.

But the individual does not need to worry because the tumour is not harmful or causes cancer.

Due to cyst ganglion occurring in the tendon part, the patient may sometimes experience difficulty in moving the affected area, due to the tendon friction in the surrounding areaD

Sometimes, the ganglion cyst may not cause pain but it may grow bigger and bigger over time.

Ganglion Cyst Treatments

About one-third to half of the cyst ganglion will disappear alone without the need for medical attention. This is because the cyst can grow and shrink by itself.

However, to date, there are two treatments applied to patients suffering from ganglion cyst.

Ganglion Cyst Aspiration

If the cyst is small, the patient will be treated with a suction syringe technique to remove the fluid. This is known as ganglion cyst aspiration

The patient will then be injected with a steroid cortical injection in the area to reduce inflammation. 

However, the lump can potentially grow again.

Ganglion Cyst Removal

Through Ganglion Cyst removal, the chances of the cyst grow again is very small. Ganglion cyst removal is done under local anaesthesia where small incision is made and removal of the fluid sac for long term solution. Ganglion cyst removal is classified under day surgery, this removal of ganglion cyst can use medisave and our clinic can do e-filing to your private local insurance***. Cashless services maybe arranged if one have as charged plan**

ganglion cyst removal - operation

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