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Osteoporosis is a common term for a bone disease that causes a decrease in the number of bones and is not normally a microscopic structure or bone form. Abnormal quantity and quality of bone make the bones weak and break easily, even when subjected to minor trauma.

The effects of osteoporosisSingapore Osteoporosis Centre

Osteoporosis can be viewed as a bone function failure, which is similar to the process of developing heart failure after years of uncontrolled high blood pressure. No documented evidence suggests that bone loss or reduced bone loss with no fracture events is associated with pain or other symptoms. This means osteoporosis does not show symptoms, but only consequences such as fractures and chronic accompanying pain, deformity, and paralysis. Osteoporosis So far, the fractures that cause the greatest misery in people with osteoporotic bone loss are hip fractures. This fracture occurs due to a fall, usually from standing position. The frequency of hip fractures increases rapidly in women over 65 years and in men over 70 years, and the risks are increasing frequently with age. Hip fractures and almost always make the victim can not stand or walk. The victims are usually carried with ambulance to the nearest hospital emergency room and after being medically stabilised, then was taken to the operating room to repair the broken bone.

Hip fracture is so serious that in order for people to walk again repair by surgery almost always has to be done. Any fracture can occur due to osteoporotic bone loss and cause temporary, permanent or death temporal and temporal deformities. Broken ribs often occur after coughing, sneezing, hitting something, or hugging tightly. Hip fractures can occur when a person is dropped or sometimes spontaneously. Broken ribs and pelvis rarely require surgery, plaster, or plates. Fractures like this can heal with rest. Wrist fractures are a common result of osteoporosis. Patients usually require a cast to heal, but sometimes require surgery to repair it.

The simple facts about porous bone Osteoporosis are:

1.Osteoporosis causes weak bones that make the bones easily cracked or broken just because of mild trauma

2. Almost half of all white women and a quarter of all white men will experience osteoporotic fractures at some point in their lives. Hispanics have the same risk as Caucasians. Asians are at a slightly lower risk. Black women and men are at the lowest risk, but the risks are still large.

3. The hip and spine bones are the result of the most severe consequences of osteoporosis, but any fractures can occur.

Osteoporosis Treatment

In treating osteoporosis, osteoporosis is a necessary food and a good natural intake for bone health.

Natural osteoporosis drugs that have been famous for a long time that can help maintain and maintain bone health is like calcium and vitamin D.

In people with osteoporosis disease is usually the required nutrient content is calcium and vitamin D in order to achieve calcium absorption in food with more leverage to get into in bone. Increasing the bone density in the body until it reaches the maximum level. And then after that the bone density will decrease but gradually. Therefore, you should start preventing osteoporosis from your age so that later in old age, you do not have to think about this anymore. The osteoporosis medications advocated by physicians are such as biphosponic type, estrogen hormone, osteoporosis drugs such as calcitonin, parathyroid which is probably also one of the last alternative pathways that can be done. This is because the side effects of osteoporosis drugs can appear on other organs. But sometimes, the consumption of osteoporosis drugs can be done to help accelerate the process of cure osteoporosis.

Good therapy is done by maintaining or also increasing the amount of mass in the bone, but it is by controlling the pain that arises and in slowing the underlying diseases experienced. In addition, physical therapy performed aims to help maximise the peak of bone mass that during the growth process can help reduce the loss of bone mass and help reduce the occurrence of the occurrence of fractures. Physical exercise should also have elements of loading in the body or also on the limb parts and emphasis on the axis of the bone. It is generally highly recommended as a low intensity aerobic exercise for example is like walking, jogging or jogging and doing a dance. Walking is one form of physical exercise therapy from osteoporosis. And this is one form of a combination of mechanical stimulation of the spine and also in the lower limbs and as one of the intermittent contractions of the muscles of the body at the back and the muscular part of the lower motion members. This exercise should be done 3-5 times in a week with a duration of one session is 30 minutes.

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