We are a specialist clinic catered to treating sports and orthopaedic problems. Our practice caters for most orthopaedic needs, specializing in orthopaedic trauma surgery (fractures, broken bones), leg lengthening, limb reconstruction, deformity correction, and non-union and bone infection surgery. We also focus on elective orthopaedic surgery like knee arthroscopy, bunion correction, carpal tunnel release and ingrown toenail correction amongst others.

We specialize in treating patients suffering from:

Upper Limb

Shoulder Instability
Shoulder Pain due to Acromioclavicular Osteroarthritis
Shoulder Pain due to Frozen Shoulder
Wrist pain
Hand pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Osteoarthritis of the Fingers and Thumb
Trigger Finger and Thumb
Dequervain’s Stenosing Tenosynovitis
Ganglion of the Wrist
Mallet Finger
Tennis Elbow or Lateral Humeral Epicondylitis
Ulnar Nerve Neuritis

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