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What is Skin Abscess?

An abscess is pus buildup in one area of ​​the body, although it can also appear in different areas (for example, zits, because bacteria can spread throughout the skin when they are pierced). On the other hand, pus is a liquid that is rich in protein and contains white blood cells that have died. Pus can be yellow or white.

Causes of Skin Abscess

The cause of the skin abscess is caused by bacterial infection or an excessive immune response to a foreign body such as a needle.

Abscesses can also appear after surgery. The greater the incision or wound on the skin, the higher the chance of an abscess appearing mainly due to bacterial infection. However, in a deeper view, the appearance of an abscess is related to the immune system.

The immune system is designed to fight various types of infections from foreign objects including microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. This threat can enter the body in many ways including wounds or punctures on the skin or through the mouth of food eaten.

For example, after bacteria enter the body, the body’s immune system produces white blood cells or leukocytes from the bone marrow. This cell then moves to the site of infection. White blood cells consist of many types of cells such as neutrophils, which aim to attack bacteria. They work with macrophages that send warnings to neutrophils if bacteria are still present.

When leukocytes fight, leukocytes can cause tissue death, which can then leave a hole where they accumulate along with dead bacteria and leukocytes. Because these cells can move to the area of ​​infection in a short time, these cells can also accumulate quickly, forming pus.

Symptoms of Skin Abscess

Main symptoms of skin abscess are Blood buildup, Inflammation Redness and pain, Sick, A pouch or lump on the skin filled with pus, Body temperature increases (white blood cell counts fight infection) Hard to move, Difficult to swallow, Symptoms of sinusitis (especially when a tooth abscess affects the sinus cavity), The number of white blood cells increases, Yellowish-white, white discharge. Nerve problems including disorders (when abscesses appear in the brain) .

Treatments for Skin Abscess

Antibiotics for skin abscess

The main purpose of antibiotics is to help control and ultimately eliminate bacteria that can cause infection and abscesses. However, keep in mind that antibiotics can also kill good bacteria, which can help boost immunity. Therefore it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions regarding the dosage.

Pain relief for skin abscess

This drug aims to reduce the swelling, redness, pain, and pain associated with abscesses.

Drainage for skin abscess

Drainage – Drainage refers to the process of making small incisions in the abscess to allow pus or fluid to flow, which can significantly reduce pain. This area is cleaned with sterile solution before and after the action to reduce the risk of infection.

Surgery for skin abscess

This action is more suitable when normal drainage is not possible or when an abscess is at risk. Surgery involves the formation of a larger incision in the area of ​​action to make pus flow.

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