Small Neck Lump Treatments depending on the cause of the small neck lump.

When you are touching the neck, you accidentally find a small lump in the neck. This of course makes me uneasy. However, before you panic, find out first what causes the appearance of small lumps in the neck.

If a small lump in the neck feels annoying or its size is getting bigger, you need to consult a doctor.

Small Neck Lump Treatments

Small Neck Lump Causes

The appearance of small lumps in the neck can be caused by various diseases and medical conditions and ranges from mild to severe. Here are some causes of small lumps in the neck:

Small Neck Lump caused by Lipoma

A small lump in the neck can be caused by a lipoma, a lump filled with fat between the skin and muscles. These lumps can increase in size slowly.

When it touches the lipoma, the lump will feel springy and can move places when pressed. In addition, lipomas are usually 2-3 cm in size.

Sometimes lipomas trigger pain when the lump enlarges and presses on the nerves around it or when there are blood vessels in the lipoma.

The cause of lipoma is not known with certainty, but genetic factors are thought to be one of the things that triggers the development of lipomas.

If you have lipomas, you don’t need to worry because lipomas are not a sign of cancer and are not dangerous. However, lipomas that cause pain and interfere with daily activities need to be consulted by a doctor.

Small Neck Lump caused by Neck Cyst

Neck Cysts can develop in various areas of the skin, including the neck. Cysts on the neck that are still developing will feel in the form of small bumps on the neck with a smooth surface.

Neck Cysts are actually membrane tissue sacs that contain fluid, air, and other substances. There are various types of cysts, but most cysts do not cause cancer.

The causes and treatment of cysts depend on the type, location, presence of infection or not, as well as the symptoms caused.

Most cysts do not cause pain and are therefore only noticed when they have enlarged. Broadly speaking, the causes of cysts are inherited diseases, blockages in the ducts on the skin, infections, and chronic inflammation.

Immediately consult a doctor if you find a small lump in the neck that continues to grow and get bigger.

Small Neck Lump caused by Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a cancer that attacks the body’s immune cells, triggering swelling in the lymph glands throughout the body, one of which is lymph nodes in the neck. This cancer attacks the lymphatic system and can spread to other body organs. Lymphomas can also cause a lump in the neck.

Small Neck Lump caused by boils

Not all small lumps in the neck are caused by serious medical problems. One cause of a small lump in the neck that is not dangerous is boils or infections in the hair follicles or in the oil glands.

These infections are generally caused by Staphylococcus bacteria and cause small bumps on the neck, with soft texture and reddish surrounding skin.

Small Neck Lump caused by Acne

Apart from boils, acne is one of the causes of small, harmless lumps in the neck. Lumps caused by pimples are small, hard, swollen, and painful. Acne occurs when hair follicles become blocked.

You might think that acne only appears on the face, but actually acne can also occur in the neck, especially the back of the neck. Acne is what is thought to be a small lump in the neck.

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