For many parents who suffer from spinal arthritis feel very weak. Most people who suffer from this disease are older, but there are some young people who have been hit by a mild form of arthritis of the spine. Types of Arthritis has many symptoms and most of them are related pain. Most of the time it began in a mild form but it will progress with the years.

When you are diagnosed with arthritis of the spine there is no reason to be alarmed that it’s not a life threatening disease or harmful. The biggest problem is that the mobility of people who hear this diagnosis will become more and more difficult and painful. This became a reality with painkillers year will be stronger and stronger.

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Spinal Arthritis

What causes Spinal Arthritis

There are not many kinds of types of arthritis, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and facet joint arthritis. The most common cause for this type of spine disease is succumb to wear and tear, age-related, spinal cartilage, normal aging, and injury to the bone. This leads then later can cause bone jewelery which can be very painful.

induced spinal cartilage wear down and this results in cartilage friction, but also pain, swelling and loss of motion of inflammation. When arthritis of the spine is the result of osteoporosis, it will, for the most part, focused on the neck of a lower back area. This kind will come as we become old and often begins with pain in the spine and lower back. As the cartilage becomes more and more degenerate there will begin to increase friction between them. Morning and evening is the time of day that the pain will be the most.

Old age is the biggest cause of arthritis in spin but poor diet is another. Most people focus on a lot of their organs when it comes to their diet and thus ignore the bone and cartilage health in general.

Some Symptoms Spinal Arthritis

Pain, stiffness, swelling, feeling as if your bones rub together, numbness, spinal deformation and reduced agility are some of the symptoms that you will see a form of arthritis in the spine and very similar to other forms of the disease this would indicate.

There are still people who think that the cold weather will aggravate arthritis of the spine but there is not much data on this that it is difficult to call this a fact or myth. If you really want to reduce this disease you need to drink plenty of non-fat or skim milk. Another thing to do is to use calcium supplements but beware because sometimes these can have unwanted effects. Ask your doctor what it is and if you have to take them or not.

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