Spinal Fracture, Back Bone Fracture

Besides sustained by the two legs, another pillar that can support our body is  our spine / vertebrae. Spine is very important in the functioning of the human body organs, as well as the support, in a series of spine there are also lines the body nerve distribute information from and to the central nervous (brain). Thus the importance of this nerve pathway, then we should not assume trivial / insignificant when we find people who suffered injury in the spine / back of his body.

Risk for having Spine Fracture Surgery Singapore

What is the risk for having spine fracture surgery Singapore? Risk is the most fatal paralysis of limbs, the patient suffered permanent paralysis and even death if the fault direction is in the neck area. So this is where the importance of the first auxiliary (first aider) to provide proper help and save people.

Suffered spinal injuries will get one of the following conditions:

  • Vertebral fractures.
  • Wrong location / shift plate (inter vertebral disc) between the vertebrae due to suppression.
  • Sprains (sprains and strains) on the back of the artisan.

Spine Fracture (BROKEN BACK BONE)

Vertebral fractures did not like the type of limb fractures, because each spine fracture classification including the fractures are serious. This is because the effect of the fracture that can lead to paralysis of the limbs settle under it, if there is damage in the spinal cord (neural pathways).

Spinal injuries can occur because of:

  • Punches / direct or indirect trauma that affects the spine.
  • Pileup.
  • The fall of a heavy object that the spine.
  • Sat down, with the head / butt, as the support body when falling.
  • Whiplash Trauma, where the head and neck gets hit / run movement of the front and rear. In this type of injury, muscle, nerves in the spinal cord, spinal sheath neck and neck as a whole suffered injuries severe enough. The accident is common in the vehicle backwards and then a crash, so the patient’s body pushed forward. The foregoing may cause serious injury to the spine and can occur even broken collarbone.

There are two (2) places a very risky fracture risk in spinal cord injuries, the neck and back.

Spine Fracture Surgery Singapore

Signs and Symptoms Of Spine Fracture

  1. Patients suffer from pain in the back and felt numb half of the body (lower body).
  2. The patient was able to control and move the limbs (arms and legs). To check the patient instructed to try to move hands, feet, fingers. When you can move, his motions are usually very weak or even not be at all.
  3. Loss of sensation of touch or pinch when stimulated. Make checks with no patient is known, to determine correctly whether she is paralyzed or not.

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