Sports and activity of children is very important to help the process of growth. In addition, active in your child’s favorite activities will make it able to find friends and socialize as much as possible. But what if the portion of the exercise and forced exercise too much?

The new research reveals that children who spend too much time for too much for the exercise will not only make love the sport, but also injured his life. Especially if this exercise is done at the age of the child has not reached its peak of development.

Research conducted at Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, states that young athletes specializing in one sport and intensive practice have a much higher risk for stress fractures and other overuse injuries. Therefore, children are more prone to spinal injury if they train too hard and long before their bodies have fully developed.

Young athletes who spend more time with the number of hours per week of age in one of sports fields, for example, children aged 12 years practicing tennis 13 hours or more a week, then they are 70 percent more at risk of serious injury in his back, shoulder, and elbow .

“We have to be careful in giving the portion of practice, especially exercises that only focus on one type of exercise to the child in the period before and during his teenage years,” said Dr. Neeru Jayanthi, exercise specialist who has published the results of this research at the meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM), San Diego.

“Young athletes do not have to spend hours more than the old per week for exercise,” he added, as quoted by NBC News, Monday (22/04/2013).

Between 2010 and 2013, Jayanthi and colleagues at Loyola and Lurie childres’s Hospital of Chicago looking for data on the number of young athletes treated for injuries. They found that there were 1,206 young athletes aged 8-18 years treated in hospital use within the. A total of 859 cases of injuries, including overuse injuries 564, 139 cases of injury to the back or leg fractures, elbow ligament injury, and injury to the cartilage osteochondoral.

“This study is very good to be able to provide data about the dangers of pressure on children to succeed too quickly in certain sports. Does not matter if the child began to recognize the sport at the age of 4 years, but not to specialize and too much exercise,” said Dan Gould, director of the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports at Michigan State University.

This study does not oppose the kids to run, throw, hit, or kick a ball, but it’s good to be able to pay attention to the age of the child and not too pushy if indeed his child practice yet ready.

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