What is children scoliosis physiotherapy clinic? We are one stop orthopedic clinic with in house physiotherapy. Prior doing the physiotherapy, you are advised to see our spine specialist first to confirm the diagnosis and the extent of the scoliosis. Scoliosis physiotherapy for children is a treatment to aim for a good posture and to restore the spine to its original state.

Generally, the spine is straight downward, whereas in people with scoliosis there are spinal abnormalities that form the letter S or C. Scoliosis sufferers have a spine that slopes to one side. This condition causes sufferers to experience back pain often. Scoliosis can happen to anyone but it is more common in puberty children from 10 to 18 years of age.

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Children Scoliosis Specialist Clinic

Symptoms of Scoliosis in Children

Symptoms of scoliosis generally occur in girls due to genetic factors and the number of body muscles that are less than boys.

In addition, scoliosis can also be caused due to spinal cord injuries, bone infections, nervous system disorders and muscles, and aging.

Here are some of the symptoms of scoliosis that are easy to spot:

Different shoulder height

Scoliosis sufferers will have shoulders with different heights from one another.

Unbalanced arm length

A person with scoliosis will look different in length when he is standing straight. One side will appear longer than the other.

Unbalanced hips

One of the next symptoms of scoliosis is one of the hips to appear more prominent. This is due to the spinal structure that is not straight and tends to be on one side of the body (right or left).

There are differences in the area of ​​the spine

Generally when bending over, the spinal area will not protrude. However, in people with scoliosis, when bending over, the spinal area will be clearly visible.

If the child experiences symptoms like the above, you should immediately see a doctor. Call or WhatsApp us at 64762106 for an appointment with our spine specialist.

Children Scoliosis Physiotherapy

Abnormal bone conditions in people with scoliosis can cause difficulty moving and can lead to paralysis.

Scoliosis can be treated with medical treatment and therapy performed by a physiotherapist.

Here are some therapeutic steps for children with scoliosis:

Using a cast

The first therapy for children with scoliosis is the use of a cast. This cast is to help straighten the spine. The cast is placed on the back and will be changed every few months. It can be used for every activity like bathing, exercise, sleeping etc. without needing to be removed.

Back Braces

Back braces are back braces that will help prevent curvature of the spine from getting worse. This is a therapy for children with scoliosis. Back braces are different from casts, they need to be changed daily and are usually made of rigid plastic or of flexible wire. When bathing, swimming and sports back braces need to be removed.


Exercise is a therapeutic activity for pediatric scoliosis sufferers that helps correct curved spine. With regular exercise, it can strengthen bones and make muscles flexible so it’s easy to do activities. The exercises given by the therapist will be adjusted to the child’s condition so that they are not burdensome. Exercises should be done regularly with an experienced physiotherapist to get maximum healing.

Regular exercise and getting used to sitting in the correct position can prevent scoliosis in children.

In addition, increase the consumption of foods high in calcium and iron such as fish, nuts, milk and green vegetables to increase bone nutrition.

One example of physical exercise from physiotherapy to treat bone injuries is relaxation of the pelvic floor to make it easier for patients to urinate and defecate.

We are one stop spine specialist clinic. For an appointment with our Spine Specialist for Scoliosis and Children Scoliosis Physiotherapy treatments, call or whatsapp 64762106. Same day appointment available.

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