Finger fracture physiotherapy is therapy to repair injured or fractured fingers. The goal of finger fracture therapy is to restore the function of finger motion.

Broken bones can be caused by falls, sports injuries, being caught in a door, being hit by a fast-flying ball or being hit by an object such as a stick. Finger fractures are very disturbing to daily activities because the hands are the part of the body most often used for movement.

Finger fractures usually take 2 to 3 months to heal completely.

Finger Fracture Physiotherapy Clinic

Finger Fracture Symptoms

Symptoms of a fractured finger include bruising, the color of the nails turning purple, painful when touched, the fingers feel weak and difficult to move.

Finger Fracture Treatments

To reduce pain and swelling, soak your hands in ice and then wrap them with a cloth for about 20 minutes.

If there is bleeding, you can wrap gauze at the wound site. If you feel unbearable pain, tension, numbness, and there is an open wound, which is a bone fragment that has torn the skin.

Before undergoing finger fracture therapy, the patient must undergo an examination by a doctor to determine the extent of the injury. The doctor will also see the possibility of damage to blood vessels or nerves in the injured hand through an X-ray examination.

In the case of minor injuries, the broken finger will be tied with the other finger using a bandage called buddy tapping. The doctor will also push the bone back into its original position which is called a reduction after being given a local anesthetic.

However, in severe injuries, surgery may be needed to connect the broken bone.

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Finger Fracture Physiotherapy

Even for non surgery finger fracture treatments, finger fracture physiotherapy will be recommended. After the finger fracture surgery, finger fracture physiotherapy is very important to restore the function of finger motion.

When a fracture occurs, you should not immediately move your hand to avoid further injury. Therefore physiotherapy for finger fractures will tell the patient the right time to move the hand.

Once the hand is moved, the physiotherapist will give you some small exercises such as straightening or bending your fingers. This small exercise is usually repeated with an increasing level of difficulty in order to train the muscles and joints in the hands to be able to carry out normal activities again.

Physiotherapy for finger fractures will also provide therapy to reduce swelling and pain in the hands. In physiotherapy, fractures of your fingers will also get a massage from a therapist. This massage aims to improve blood circulation and reduce discomfort in the hands due to not being moved for too long. Physiotherapy for finger fractures should be performed by an experienced therapist to get a full recovery.

Finger Fracture Physiotherapy Massage

Besides doing physiotherapy for finger fractures, the healing process can be accelerated by consuming foods and drinks that contain calcium, protein and vitamin D. This content can be found in milk, fish, spinach, green beans, yogurt, nuts, eggs and beef.

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