Physiotherapy for the treatment of a tailbone injury can be an alternative treatment for a sore tailbone due to a fracture.

The coccyx is a triangular bony structure located at the bottom of the spine. This bone is made up of three to five bone segments that are held together by joints and ligaments. Tailbone injury can result in pain and discomfort in the tailbone area, a condition also known as coccydynia. Generally, a tailbone injury results in bruising, dislocation, or fracture of the tailbone.

The majority of tailbone injuries occur in women than men, women are more prone to this disorder because the female pelvis is larger and the tailbone is more open. Although this condition takes a long time to recover, most cases can be managed on their own with careful treatment.

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Tailbone Injury Physiotherapy

Causes and Symptoms of Tailbone Injuries

Most cases of tailbone injuries are caused by trauma to the tailbone area. Falling against a hard surface is the most common cause of tailbone injury. A direct blow to the tailbone, such as occurs during sports, can injure the tailbone. The tailbone can also be injured or fractured during childbirth, but sometimes the cause of injury to the tailbone cannot be determined.

Other causes of coccyx injury include bone spurs (there is a sharp protruding part of the bone), nerve root compaction, infections, tumors, and injuries to other parts of the spine).

After an injury, usually the sufferer will feel pain in the tailbone and other symptoms, namely: Severe pain in the coccyx area; The pain gets worse when sitting for long periods or when there is direct pressure to the coccyx area; Bowel movements are often painful; Bruising in the coccyx area if you have a traumatic injury; Some women may experience pain during sexual intercourse.

If you have a tailbone injury, you should consult a doctor immediately to get the right treatment. Tailbone injury treatments include tailbone injury physiotherapy.

Tailbone Injury Treatments

Basically, a tailbone injury can heal on its own in a few weeks. However, if you still feel pain, it can hamper your daily activities. For example, when you have a bowel movement and when you sit too long, the pain will be stronger.

Therefore, the tailbone injury needs to be treated as early as possible so that it can recover quickly and you can resume activities as before. Before doing treatment, it is advisable to consult with a doctor first to find out the causes and solutions.

One solution to reduce pain in the tailbone is to avoid sitting too long, it is also advisable to stand and walk every few hours.

Here are some treatments that can be done to treat tailbone injuries according to the conditions experienced, such as:

Tailbone injury medicine – Doctor prescribe medication

Tailbone injury injection – anti-inflammatory injection will be given to the coccyx to relieve pain.

Tailbone injury massage – Massaging the coccyx muscles can be done to reduce pain, make sure you massage them gently.

Tailbone Injury Physiotherapy

Other tailbone injury treatments include tailbone injury physiotherapy.

Tailbone injury physiotherapy is for the treatment of muscle bone injuries Physical therapy or physiotherapy for the treatment of a tailbone injury can be used as alternatives.

In this treatment, the patient will perform physical exercises with certain techniques to reduce pain due to injury to the tailbone.

One example of physical exercise from physiotherapy to treat bone injuries is relaxation of the pelvic floor to make it easier for patients to urinate and defecate.

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