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When someone sprains usually immediately think to go to Traditional Chinese Medicine and do massage to treat the sprained ankle. Is this mindset correct or how people justified who to see? what actually happens when we sprain?

Actually sprain occurs when the ligaments stretching (connective tissue) causing a partial tear / partial or happening stretch the muscles and tendons (connective tissue / fittest linkage connects muscle to bone), causing an inflammatory reaction. Sprains occur most often in the ankle / ankle, wrist, and finger joints.

Symptoms of Sprained Ankle

Symptoms that often arises are as follow:

  •  pain
  • swelling
  • redness of the skin looks
  • and of course will interfere with the function of the affected part.

So what needs to be massaged???

On medical treatment procedures, of course it is actually not recommended. Why is it so? because in the event of trauma to the muscles, ligaments and tendons, by doing the massage will only aggravate the condition of trauma and inflammatory processes to occur.

then what should we do to cope with sprains?

Handling sprains itself is actually very simple, the medical world is known as the RICE principle which I will try to describe one by one as follows:

R = Rest / break for a while due to excessive activity on the part of the sprain will lead to further complications, such as torn ligaments will get worse.

I = Ice, Remember to give a cold compress with ice instead of warm water in case of a sprain that just happened. Because when the injury took place would happen happen tear blood vessels that result in the release of the “content” of the blood vessels into surrounding tissues which lead to inflammation, blood vessels also widen (dilate) in response to inflammation. Giving ice compression aims to “constrict” the blood vessels widen, thereby reducing swelling. Do cold compresses 1-2 times a day for about 20 minutes no more. Because if it is too long will also interfere with blood flow.

Another case in a case that has long sprains occur / are characterized by chronic inflammation such as swelling, red color without pain, then the principle of warm compresses can be done.

C = Compression, suppression / compression on the injury to the fabric / elastic bandages that can be done to reduce swelling. In bandaging try not too tightly so that blood flow is not disturbed that it could hinder the healing process.

E = Elevation, lift the injured part higher than the heart anatomy. For example, if the ankle / injured your ankle then the part can be propped up with pillows as high above the heart to reduce swelling process.

Once the process is done then we just wait for 3-5 days for the swelling to reduce.

If you are experiencing sprained ankle, ideally is to get an X-ray to exclude the chance of fracture and to seek proper treatment to avoid recurrent sprain. We are dealing with a lot of sprained ankle problem and we are sprained ankle clinic in Singapore.

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