Have you ever experienced sudden stiff fingers when typing? If so, you could have a trigger finger, which is a condition of a stiff finger due to inflammation of the protective sheath that surrounds the tendons of the fingers. This condition should not be considered trivial, because it interferes with daily activities.

Trigger Finger Symptoms

When experiencing a finger finger, a person experiences pain in the length of the finger, especially when bending or straightening a finger. In addition to pain, trigger finger also causes other symptoms, in the form of a lump in the base of the finger and the sound of “clove” when the finger is bent or straightened.

What caused Trigger Finger?

Although the exact cause is unknown, some of these conditions are thought to trigger the trigger finger. Among these include:

  • Excessive activity that puts excessive pressure on the fingers.
  • Hold the object tightly for a long time.
  • History of injury to the palm or base of the finger.
  • Having certain medical conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and gout.

Trigger Finger Treatments

Trigger fingers often occur suddenly. So, what needs to be done when suddenly fingers become stiff when on the move?

Rest your fingers from typing, grasping, or other activities that involve it. It aims to relieve inflammation of the finger tendon sheath. If the pain is still felt, limit the activities that trigger finger stiffness for at least 3-4 weeks.

Cold compress every day for 10-15 minutes. Or, you can soak the affected finger with warm water to reduce the stiffness.

Trigger Finger Splint. This tool is useful for keeping stiff fingers from bending while sleeping. Another goal is to rest the veils of inflamed tendons to return to normal. Hand split should be used for six weeks.

Trigger Finger Medications. Trigger finger medications include anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers medications.

Trigger Finger Injection. Trigger Finger Injection is the most effective medication for less severe trigger finger condition. Trigger finger injection include steroid drugs to reduce inflammation in the finger tendon sheath.

Trigger Finger Surgery. Surgery is performed if there is no other way to fix the trigger finger. Patients may have one of two types of surgery, namely open surgery and percutaneous surgery. Open surgery is done by making small incisions at the base of the fingers and cutting the veins of the inflamed tendon. While percutaneous surgery is performed by inserting a needle into the tissue around the inflamed tendon, then moving it to stop the narrowing.

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