Symptoms and Causes of Stiff Knee

Osteoarthritis (OA) is known as degenerative arthritis, disruption occurs within their age, especially in the joint support of weight loss, such as the knees, hips. Not infrequently occur also in the hands and feet.

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Causes of Stiff Knee.

  1. Age and genetics are risk factors occurred joints OA. Cartilage thinning causes friction between the bones causes pain and limited motion of the knee. Repetitive motion of the knee joint for years irritate and cause inflammation.
  2. Cartilage inflammation triggers bone growth occurs not in place, which is about the joint. OA is also often found in some people in a family, so that hereditary factors are included in this case.
  3. The other thing is a risk factor, including obesity, gender (women tend to be more common), trauma, muscle weakness, joint instability. Obese people tend to have knee OA.
  4. Shoes are too high, narrow, heavy footwear harder and less flexible can also cause knee pain.

What are the symptoms?

  1. Pain and stiffness are often complained of. Joint pain is usually dull, unlike the piercing pain. Time check with your doctor clearly convey the nature of pain. Different will give different diagnoses. example; pain was felt after repetitive activity at rest may occur in severe OA.
  2. Stiff joints, felt like tied, usually brief, no more than half an hour. Pain and stiffness of the joints can also occur after you wake up, or after sitting for long periods.
  3. Other symptoms such as swelling in knee OA, felt warm and sound (Creaking); bowleg, when the progressive degeneration of cartilage, while the bony enlargement often accompanies osteoarthritis formed.
  4. Symptoms of OA vary widely felt among the people affected. Some people are so “flawed” because these symptoms. But there is also no dramatic symptoms, such as display of photos x-ray joint degeneration. Even pain is not always felt, is often intermittent. Quite often there is a period of pain for a long time lost in a matter of years.

What can be done of Stiff Knee?

Knee OA therapy can relieve joint pain and maintain joint function in accordance with the function of supporting the knee when walking. There will be no pain and stiffness caused by interference or limitations.

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