Stiff Leg Muscles? INTERFERENCE stiff leg muscles is often considered a minor problem, and even considered not impaired. And overcome the problems of disease at the beginning, it’s easier than curing the disease is severe.

Stiff Leg Muscles

Stiff Leg Muscles

These disorders are usually more experienced of the former sportsman kind of hard courts, volleyball, basketball, football, and so on. Patients with pain in the leg veins stiff when sitting for long periods, or cross-legged at the bottom and going up, the legs feel stiff, sore, feels frozen and movement is slow, heavy and uncomfortable.

Limb motion under neural control and diefektur, and influenced by the central nervous start from Lumba (L1)-sacral (S3) from the spinal cord along the canal in the ganglion.

Massage movements can be performed lead to defecation in the segmentation of the lower leg forward, back, feet and toes on the foot pain (stiff).

Continues segmentation in the lower leg back, foot and heel.

Manipulation movements:

  1.  Opening, starting at the waist, hips, stomach and abdominal fold.
  2. Next, straighten your legs, do massage with three fingers from the bottom up, and massages. Press while playing with her fingers from the top to the bottom of the 8 points inter media calf pain, lateral and medial.
  3. Continue struking, petressage and friction with the thumb on the 6 point lateral and medial malleolus pain in the back, bottom and front.
  4. Massage, press, with the thumb on the 3 point heel pain, foot, starting from the base of the middle finger to toe in the middle of the heel.
  5. Sorted by three fingers from the bottom up, and massages. Then press as he pushed with your thumb on the 6 point front leg pain from top to bottom along the calf muscle.
  6. Struking, petressage, and friction with the thumb on the pain points between the back foot from the base of the toes to the ankle before and point the toes pain from distal to proximal.

Actions more concentration massage or some time in the leg muscles that undergo rigid. To maintain or doing relaxation exercises can be given.

Motion exercises (exercise) that the dursal flexio, plantar flexio, rotational motion into (infersi), rotational motion out (efersi), at the foot of experiencing stiff.

Exercises are repeated several times, until the muscles and tendons leg completely relaxed.

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