Have Shin Pain before? The professional runners agree that the shin pain is  the most painful illness.

Shin Pain

Shin Pain

Minimise Shin pain by three proven strategies are as follow:

Relaxing Exercise

If you feel pain in the mid of running, cut your weekly mileage or cross-training practice lightly. The smaller the load, the faster the recovery. Compress your shins with a cold towel for 15 minutes after practice.

Stretch Calf Muscles

Strained calf can increase pain in the shin. To reduce it, sitting on the floor, legs straight ahead. Grab a towel and hold the ends with your hands. Put a towel in the middle of the left foot (or try grasping your feet with his best hand). Pull the end of the towel towards you to stretch the legs, hold for 30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat earlier, do three reps on each leg.

Reduce Load on Feet

Stabilize arches. It can help reduce stress on the shin. Try a basic test of over-the-counter orthotic (can be seen in footmapping.com) to determine your foot type: flat or not. Even runners with arches that high would feel more comfortable with their arches stabilize.

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