Sudden causes of neck pain without injury

Neck pain can affect anyone in their life without any reason. Common  sudden causes of neck pain without injury includes inappropriate sleeping position, poor daily habits tat cause the neck joint become stiff and painful.  Know what are the unconscious mistakes that can sudden causes of neck pain without injury are as follow:

1. Poor posture while sending text messages

Poor posture is a major cause of neck pain. The more often you pull your head forward or down while playing the phone, will make the neck hurt. Because while doing so, the lower neck bone will work more.

In addition, this neck position also causes upper back muscle pressure because it must compensate for head movement. Try to keep your phone as close to the eye as possible, to avoid this neck strain.

The same applies to the person working at the desk, while sitting at the table, look straight ahead. The eye view is ideally parallel to the computer screen.

2. Stress

When stressed, the pain in the neck will be more pronounced. Muscle tension is one of the body’s innate reactions to stress that can happen every day. To fix your neck, take a yoga class or practice meditation. Perform breathing exercises to ease tension.

3. Smoking

If your neck is often problematic, consider quitting smoking (other than any other reason). Smoking accelerates degenerative diseases, because the chemicals in cigarettes harden the arteries and reduce the blood supply to the bones, which makes the neck bones nutritional deficient.

4. Wrong sleeping position

If you want to wake up without neck pain in the morning, you should keep the neck position while sleeping as neutral as possible during sleep. Avoid sleeping positions where your head bends too forward, backward, or sideways. If a neck pain complaint often occurs, get used to sleep on your back so that the pillow can support the neck and back.

5. Carrying heavy weights in Gym

Neck strain during lifting weights usually occurs towards the end of the exercise because you put too much weight. Stretching the shoulders before exercising can help ease tension in the upper back, but the best advice is to rest when you need it.

6. Carrying too much stuff in your bag

Most women do not realize that the contents of their bags will affect the shoulder and neck muscles. The body adapts to bag overload, but the sleeve that holds the bag does not move naturally, meaning the other arm swings more to keep up. This imbalance can torture your neck and back.

7. Chewing gum

Chewing bubble gum may relieve stress, but constant jaw movement during blowing gum can cause neck pain and headaches. In addition, chewing gum also causes pressure on the jaw area that fills the skull and can torture the muscles in the head and neck.

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