Swelling, or clots, on the hands and wrists are a common health problem faced by the Hand Surgeon. This problem can be caused by a variety of causes, starting with benign and harmless cancer, until the cancer is malignant and dangerous (although this is rare).

The location, size, duration and growth rate, as well as the presence or absence of pain help distinguish various types of lumps and swelling.

Clots around the finger joints may be ganglion cysts, synovial tissue swelling, and benign tumors of the synovium (pigmented vilonodular synovitis).

Ganglion cysts often occur due to joint degeneration or arthritis. Synovial swelling (synovitis) can be caused by rheumatoid arthritis or a type of chronic infection.

Swollen finger caused by ganglion cyst

Tumors in the hand can occur because there is tissue in the hand – skin (melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma), fat (lipoma), synovial layer in joints (synovitis, pigmented vilonodular synovitis), nerves (neurilemoma / swanoma, neurofibroma), blood vessels (malformations vascular), and bone (conduction, bone cyst, giant cell tumor). Clots can also be caused by foreign objects or skin elements trapped under the skin (foreign body granulomas and epidermal cysts).

How to diagnose swollen hand?

The diagnosis of swelling and clots in the hand is done through detailed history examinations and careful clinical examination. X-rays and special imaging such as ultrasonography and magnetic imaging (MRI) are often needed. Sometimes, blood tests are also useful.

Treatment for swollen hand

According to our hand surgeon, Treatment of swelling in the hands depends on the cause. Swelling that causes pain, or inhibits movement and function, or has the potential for danger must be taken through surgery, and the clot is sent to the laboratory to undergo histology to obtain certainty. Fortunately, most tumours in the hand are benign tumours.

Some benign lumps can be left alone and monitored carefully from time to time. These clumps must be taken if the size increases, or the characteristics change to potentially dangerous.

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