20 Causes of Swollen Legs in Elderly

The cause of swollen feet in the elderly is a health complaint that often occurs in men and women who have aged over 50 years. Swollen feet may result from a buildup of fluid in the blood vessels which indicates that a person has an unknown disease.

Causes of Swollen Legs in Elderly:

1. Heart disease

The cause of swollen feet in the elderly is the result of someone who suffered from heart disease in the long run, then will experience an irregular heart rhythm. Blood flow that is not smooth on the arteries of the heart can affect the blood circulation in the body including the leg area. If this condition is not treated immediately then around the leg will experience swelling.

2. Kidney disease

The cause of swollen feet in the elderly is often caused by a person who has impaired kidney function, then the kidney 60 percent has lost the ability to filter body fluids and toxins in the body so that swelling often occurs in the foot tissue.

3. Body obesity

Obesity can block blood flow and thwart the spread of blood that contains oxygen by the heart. Such conditions can cause inflammation and swelling of the body’s internal organs including tissues of the foot. Obesity is able to cause swollen feet in the elderly.

4. Standing too long

Someone who is standing too long then can inhibit blood nets in the arteries and nerves of the body becomes not smooth. This condition can cause the supply of oxygen in the blood to be reduced, the condition can trigger swelling in the feet of the elderly. The condition can be the cause of swollen feet in the elderly.

5. Sit too long

Sitting too long without changing the sitting position every half hour then the blood circulation will be depressed blood flowing choked up. This condition can cause pain in the leg and arise also swelling.

6. Hormone body

Female and male hormones can change with age. Hormones that experience instability in the elderly can block blood flow throughout the body and arise swelling, including the leg tissue.

7. Anti-depressant drugs

Use of drugs type MAO inhibiton excessive and not in accordance with the rules of the doctor then it can cause swelling around the feet. Because the chemicals in it tend to suppress the rate of blood flow that is in the blood circulation so that the blood foot is not smooth flowing as the foot becomes swollen slowly.

8. Drug types of steroids

Drug types of steroids are consumed arbitrarily then the compounds contained therein can clog the bloodstream and arteries around the upper legs that trigger swelling around the legs. Elderly who do not move or sit more often and sleep will facilitate the emergence of swelling of the feet.

9. Anti-inflammatory drugs

Drugs used to cure inflammation and infection are sharp if taken long-term and without recommendation from the relevant physician. The chemicals in it can injure blood vessels in the legs. Injured blood vessels can inhibit the spread of blood containing oxygen to reach the foot tissue, so that the feet easily swell.

10. Magnesium deficiency

Elderly who lacks magnesium in his body can experience swelling of the feet. Magnesium can stabilize blood circulation and protect vessels from blockage or precipitation of certain substances resulting from foods that have been consumed such as cholesterol and fat.

11. Pregnancy

A pregnant woman will stop swelling, especially on the foot when the pregnancy is more than 3 months. This is due to hormonal changes and narrowing of the leg veins. In order to avoid the swelling of pregnant women are advised to move a lot such as frequent morning walks, perform regular duties as usual but not push yourself or just doing a special sport for pregnant women.

12. Give birth (Delivery)

Women who give birth tend to leave footprints on the feet of swelling. This happens because of the emphasis and impetus of the blood flow in the veins due to pushing mothers or due to birth syndrome.

13. Foot tissue infections

Foot injury, inflammation and infection then swelling will arise because there has been interaction wound against free radicals or exposed to the virus from others. The condition causes the wound tissue to dry slowly and cause swelling.

14. Disorders of the veins

The delay or inability of the veins pumping and spreading blood to the upper body will affect the lower blood vessels of the body including the legs.

15. Operation of the pelvis

A pelvic surgery that has not healed can affect neural stability and blood flow around the legs. A person who has undergone surgery on the pelvis then the flow of blood to the lower body including the legs will be inhibited and can cause the feet become swollen.

16. Swollen lymph nodes or lymphedema

Blockage of blood flow due to infection reaction in the lymph system or lymphoedema can cause leg swelling and pain. Swelling that occurs can trigger elephantiasis disease.

17. Cirrhosis of the liver

Lymphatic tissue that is injured and scarred for too long does not heal can cause cirrhosis of the liver or disruption of blood flow in almost all body tissues including the legs that trigger swelling.

18. Heart swelling

Heart walls or areas of the heart that suffered slightly injured it will spread to the area of ​​the heart wrap, consequently the heart’s wrap will balloon and cause the spread of blood containing oxygen throughout the body choked up. This condition can also interfere with the proliferation of blood supply that flows in the leg tissues, thus triggering swelling of the feet.

19. Impaired liver function

Liver function impairment is a chemical deposition of drug use in the long term will injure the liver wall and trigger the liver loses its ability to filter oxygenated blood and very slow in filtering toxins in the body consequently will affect blood flow in other body tissues including the foot. feet have swelling due to decreased liver function.

20. Ankle joints inflammation

Someone who is constantly walking or too heavy activity can cause blood flow gets pressure so that blood vessels have to work hard to spread blood smoothly. Fatigue in muscles, nerves and blood vessels around the legs can actually trigger the emergence of ankle arthritis that slows blood flow so that it can cause legs become swollen.

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