TAILBONE TRAUMA? Often people fall in the sitting position, like slipping or falling from a ladder. Fell to a sitting position feels pain abysmal. In addition to pain, there is another danger when you know fall in the sitting position.

Fall in the sitting position can be very dangerous because it can be an injury to the tail bone which is connected to the nerves in the spine.

Tailbone Injury

Tailbone (coccyx) is one of the smallest bone in the body, but can cause excruciating pain and serious health issues when experiencing injuries during falls.

The coccyx is located at the lower end of the spine. Vertebra is usually well protected, but when injured during a fall or other trauma, it can be bruised tail bone or dislocated bones.

Any form of injury to the coccyx can cause a serious problem because there are many nerves and muscles attached to coccyx, as nerves that surrounds the entire spine, pelvic floor muscles, intestinal region, as well as the thighs and upper legs.

Some of the dangers of such tail bone injury are as follow:

  • Pain during or after sitting
  • Acute pain when moving from sitting to standing
  • Severe Headache
  • Pain throughout the body, especially the waist and hip
  • Pain in the coccyx area that does not subside for a long time (coccygodynia)
  • Experiencing chronic digestive problems, especially constipation.
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Depression and insomnia
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

Besides falling in sitting position, tail bone injury can also occur due to the following conditions:

  • The sitting position is wrong
  • Direct blow to the spine,
  • Injured or broken tailbone during labor
  • Tense or repetitive friction as movement in rowing and cycling
  • Infection or tumour on the coccyx

Some health problems can show up right after the injury to the coccyx, while others appear in the next month or year.

Tailbone injury is more common in women because women make the pelvic bone forms the tail more open.

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