Tennis Causes Low Back Pain

Handling with low back pain or lower back pain is not easy . You should know the type of disease can be proactive on this one . At the very least , before taking steps to relieve lower back pain , to understand the causes and symptoms of low back pain will be very helpful.

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Tennis Causes Low Back Pain

Causes Of Lower Back Pain

From strained muscles to tense nerves , acute injury – lift and rotate heavy loads , for example – can cause lower back pain also aging factors that could cause degenerative changes in the spine , which began their 30s or even sooner .

Brief Description of Factors Causing Lower Back Pain

  • Firstly due to overuse of muscles and ligaments , resulting competitive tennis game or activity in the garden .
  • The second cause is a joint injury that can cause joint fluid leaks , or other damage resulting in ‘ tension ‘ between the bones of the spine .
  • Thirdly because of the age factor that causes degeneration of the joints , joints and joint fluid torn out , so that the joints shrink and joints become helpless .
  • Other causes are changes in the structure of the spine , such as one vertebra to slip forward to the next vertebra .
  • Also due to spinal stenosis . Ie narrowing of the space around the spinal cord , resulting in pressure on the nerve roots .
  • Or is it because of scoliosis , which is curved or abnormally curved spine.

Symptoms of lower spine pain is different for each person

To note also , if the symptoms of the lower spine pain is different for each person . It all depends on the cause of the illness . It can be seen as to whether the pain increases when standing , sitting , bending , or when it is running . The pain that can even extend to the buttocks or legs . Pain may also come and go . Alternatively, when the pain arises , you feel something else , such as numbness , tingling , or weakness in your legs .

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