What is Tension Headache?

Tension Headache is the most common type of disease experienced by adults. This disease can also be referred to as a stress headache. It can occur periodically (called episodic), which is less than 15 days in a month, or daily (called chronic) if it occurs more than 15 days a month.

The episodic type of tension headache causes the sufferer to experience constant pain that is mild to moderate because there is pressure on the area around the forehead or back of the head to the neck. This pain can last up to 30 minutes to a day. Meanwhile, chronic type tension headaches can come and go over a long period of time. Pain that is felt as if it is throbbing in the front, top, or side of the head. Although the intensity of pain throughout the day may vary, this will not affect vision, balance, or strength.

Tension Headache Specialist

Tension Headache Causes

There is no single cause for tension-type headaches. This type of headache does not run in families. In some people, tension-type headaches are associated with tightened muscles in the back of the neck and scalp. This muscle tension may be made worse by: Not getting enough rest, Poor posture, Emotional or mental stress, including depression.

Tension-type headaches can be triggered by some type of environmental or internal stress. This stress may or may not be known to the patient and their family. The most common sources of stress include family, social relationships, friends, work, and school. Examples of stressors include: Having problems at home, Having a new child, Having no close friends, Returning to school or training; preparing for tests or exams, Going on a vacation, Starting a new job, Losing a job, Being overweight, Deadlines at work, Competing in sports or other activities, Being a perfectionist, Not getting enough sleep, Being overextended (involved in too many activities/organizations).

Tension Headache Treatments

Tension headache treatments include hot or cold packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, improvement of posture, trigger point injections, occipital nerve blocks, stretching, and relaxation techniques.

Regular exercise, stretching, balanced meals, and adequate sleep may be part of a headache treatment program.

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